It beats on our rooftops. It makes us wear silly pink polka dot ponchos. It creates puddles on the sidewalk and wreaks havoc with our schedule. Rain can be dramatic or it can be subtle. But as the rest of us run for cover during sudden downpours our photographer takes the opportunity to capture some beautiful, albeit, wet moments.

Rain-IMG_2998-AUG13-Issue 6-QRM

Rain-IMG_2991-AUG13-Issue 6-QRM

Rain-IMG_6535-AUG13-Issue 6-QRM

Rain-DSCF4972-AUG13-Issue 6-QRM

Rain-IMG_2987-AUG13-Issue 6-QRM

Rain-DSCF5013-AUG13-Issue 6-QRM

Rain-DSCF5098-AUG13-Issue 6-QRM

Rain-DSCF5143-AUG13-Issue 6-QRM

Rain-DSCF5121-AUG13-Issue 6-QRM

Rain-DSCF5115-AUG13-Issue 6-QRM

Rain-DSCF5134-AUG13-Issue 6-QRM

Rain-DSCF5067-AUG13-Issue 6-QRM

Rain-DSCF5069-AUG13-Issue 6-QRM

Images by Quinn Ryan Mattingly