Lesser Known Facts about Nagpur

From oranges to aerospace research and wildlife conservation to fire services Nagpur has some startling facts up its sleeve. The best time to visit Nagpur is from October to February during winter as the weather is pleasant. If you’re planning to visit Nagpur, just hop online and find cheap flights from Bangalore to Nagpur. It … Read more

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL 2018 @ East West Brewing

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL 2018!!! Real Madrid vs. Liverpool EWB IS STAYING OPEN FOR THIS HISTORIC MATCH. WHEN: Late Saturday, May 27th from 1:45AM – 4AM WHERE: East West Brewing Co. Catch all the action live at East West Brewing Co., where we’ll be projecting this live on our GIANT PROJECTOR SCREEN! You definitely won’t want to miss out … Read more

Zero Waste Wine

How to become a wine without waste drinker It seems that finally the zero waste movement is taking off in Saigon with some great people working very hard, and usually for free, to change minds and habits in Vietnam, and turn this lovely country into a much lovelier, cleaner one. But if you are a wine drinker, and you favor zero waste and … Read more