Future Park

Crescent Mall (crescentmall.com) welcomes a new concept in kid’s activity as it opens its doors to Future Park—a digital playground where kids and kids-at-heart can engage with technology to enhance and innovate artistic experiences. One of Future Park’s aims is to introduce the digital world to the young in a proper context. There are conflicting sides to technology wherein children can be drawn into the isolation of a tablet, phone, or game console. Future Park believes that the younger generation should be encouraged to embrace the digital evolution but not at the cost of human interaction. With the correct guidance, children will be able to learn about the endless possibilities that technology has to offer at the same time developing their kinaesthetic and social skills. There will be seven different interactive and educational attractions featured:

Sketch Forest, Butterfly Sky, Gravity Balls, Save the Reef, Virtual Sandbox and World of Zodiac.

These attractions were carefully designed to trigger children’s imaginations and to show them what their thoughts look like in real life. By creating this hybrid education through play, kids will exercise their creativity more in the real world.

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