Exhibition of World Press Photo Contest

The Exhibition of World Press Photo Contest will officially return to Vietnam after 15 years of absence.

This event honors winning photos from more than 73,000 works in the 61st World Press Photo Contest, which is organized and sponsored by Canon and the Dutch Postcode Loterij. The exhibition is held at the Vietnam University of Fine Arts (42 Yet Kieu, Hanoi) until July 6th. The event is in line with other activities to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Vietnam- Netherlands friendship, organized by the Dutch Embassy and Consulate. This year, the exhibition includes 130 works of various topics (contemporary issues, environment, news, nature, people, sports, etc.). The award-winning authors and works of World Press Photo Contest, which are well-known in Vietnam, including the picture of Phan Thi Kim Phuc (also known as “Napalm Baby”) taken by photographer Nick Ut (1972), the picture of Son Doong Cave taken by Carsten Peter – a German photographer (2010), or the “The Pink Choice” album depicting lives of Vietnam’s gay couples by Maika Elan (2013). The winners of the 2018 World Press Photo Contest were announced in Amsterdam last April with the highest prize to Venezuelan photographer Ronaldo Schemidt with a masterpiece that made audiences unable to control their feelings.

Waiting For Freedom - Neil Aldridge

Waiting For Freedom, Neil Aldridge

Warriors Who Once Feared Elephants - Ami Vitale

Warriors Who Once Feared Elephants, Ami Vitale

Royal Shrovetide Football - Oliver Scarff

Royal Shrovetide Football, Oliver Scarff

Hunger Solutions - Luca Locatelli

Hunger Solutions, Luca Locatelli

Dumpster Diver - Covey Arnold

Dumpster Diver, Covey Arnold

Venezuela Crisis - Ronaldo Schemidt

Venezuela Crisis, Ronaldo Schemidt

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