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Most of the time, a bag is just… a bag. But in those rare instances, a bag transcends functionality and becomes a piece of art. Founded by Huyen Nguyen in 2008, “NE-YUH For Her” and “CINCINATI For Him” combine the best of Italian vegan-tanned leather and high-quality Vietnamese craftsmanship to fashion the most exquisite of handbags and accessories for men and women.

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“I think it’s wrong to promote Vietnamese labor as being cheap,” says Huyen in her stylish, vintage-inspired boutique just off of trendy Dong Khoi Street (60-62 Mac Thi Buoi, D1). “Vietnamese craftsmanship can be extremely high-quality, producing something beautifully handmade.”

With a background in French literature and years spent working and traveling abroad, both of Huyen’s lines showcase an international flair and sensibility, all wrapped up in Old World romance. “Our products are designed to be discreet but noticed at the same time,” says Huyen.

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Both Cincinati and Neyuh embrace sustainable fashion, using only leather that’s been treated with organic material and natural tannins derived from the bark, leaves and branches of trees and plants. This expensive and time-consuming practice yields leather that is rich and deep in color with excellent durability, developing a unique patina with use.

Huyen’s “CINCINATI For Him” collection (an aesthetically-pleasing spelling of the US city where a young Donald Trump cut his real estate teeth) veers towards classic designs with superb attention to detail in everything from hardware to stitching, and includes sumptuous briefcases, functional clutches for everyday carry, and stylishly light travel bags.

“NE-YUH For Her” (Huyen’s name spelled backwards) has both classic and fashion-forward pieces. Huyen is especially excited about a brand-new collaboration with RhusArt, using their groundbreaking technology to print directly onto genuine leather, a look previously achieved only by using synthetic PU leather or printing onto a plastic film. Joining an elite list of world-renowned designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Carolina Herrera who have also collaborated with RhusArt, Huyen’s new pieces feature patterns and colors that have been permanently printed onto the leather, almost like a high-definition tattoo, preserving its natural texture and touch.

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In addition to her RTW collection, Huyen offers a “Build Your Bag” option where true fashionistas can customize leather type and color, lining, hardware and more, as well as “Worth-It Rewards”, a service to help select the perfect corporate gifts. See more at www.neyuhleather.com.


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