Girls’ Night Out

There is nothing better than launching into the weekend rolling deep with your best girl pack, sans the shackles of the patriarchy and the bros. It’s time to get in sync, it’s time to vibe, and it’s time to hang with your gal pals with a swipe of red lipstick and a high dose of estrogen. You are woman, let them hear you roar. So why not hang out with a femme fatale crew of your own? And, while you’re at it, dress for the occasion with some Instagram-worthy looks? There are plenty of sartorial options that come with ladies’ night. You’ll never feel better heading out with your best female friends on your arm—and a stellar outfit to match. (17) (19) (18) (20)

Clothes: Umbrella


Model: Sophia and Maria

Photographer: Rong Nobita

Styling: Phuc Tran

Makeup: Nguyen Duong

Assistant: Tri Thuc

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