As legend has it, at the dawn of life, in the waters of Halong Bay, there lived a dragon whose height reached the sky and size covered the seen earth.

It was told that when the dragon stretched out and unfolded its wings, its body lined the entire central coast, its heart rested where Hue now lies, and its limbs and tail extended to the tops of northern mountains and the bottom of southern deltas.

The new Metiseko silk collection is inspired by Vietnam, the Land of the Dragon, through such legends. From design to the color palette, all was conceived using elements found in legends that are retold in traditional folk paintings. It results in a collection that is richly flavored with the local culture. It is Metiseko’s way of paying tribute to the culture and traditions of the country that gave birth to the brand.

The print collection takes its main inspirations from Air, Water, and Fire – some of the elements that make the universe, as we believe in the East.

The collection honors the image of the Dragon, the most emblematic animal in Asian cultures. This imagery, in turn, breathes into the designs elegance, strength and vitality.

The new collection comes in intense colors and bold contrasts. The combination of Persian Blue and Tangerine accentuates the various shades of black.

With this new collection, Metiseko focuses on showcasing its fabrics through the simplicity of the cuts. The silk is fluid and light. The designs draw attention to the minimalistic and elegant looks, with roomy shapes and straight cuts. Meticulousness and attention to details of our craftsmen are the last touches to create a contemporary collection that carries genuine resonance and fresh inspirations.


Metiseko’s new fashion collection is interpreted in a range of silk satins, twills, and crepes.

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