Magnificent Mulberry

ÓNG Ả ( was founded in 2018 by Victoria Huyen Nguyen, who was born in Vietnam, raised and educated in Poland and graduated with an MBA at Bradford University in the UK.

The brand’s mission is to modernize Vietnamese traditional fabrics and promote Vietnamese mulberry silk within the local and international markets. Creating a sustainable fashion brand using 100 perfect natural fabric, they contribute to the preservation of the Vietnamese silk industry, as well as support in creating jobs for mulberry artisans in silk villages around the country. They pay great attention to the crafting and dying process used in each garment and guarantee the transparency of the origin of fabrics sourced.

ÓNG Ả is sophisticated, alluring, romantic, elegant yet modern in form. Using high-quality mulberry silk fibers, combined with experienced fashion design and production team, this collection was made for today’s women.

Models: Nhung Bee and Dung Tran

Photographer: Bachnq

Makeup and Hair: Pham Hong Nhung

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