Three Easy Ways to Make a Good Impression on a First Date For Men

With online dating being such a popular way to meet people these days, there is a good chance that if you are getting ready for a first date, you’ve never actually met the woman you’ll be seeing in person before. Online dating tends to lead to a quite different first date scenario to more traditional dating, because although you won’t have met before, you probably will have talked a fair amount, and so you’ll have already made an impression with your personality, and now you need to make a good impression with your physical presence!

Here are three things you can do as a man that can actually make sure you give a really positive first impression when you meet your date in person:

Don’t Check Your Phone

For many of us, it’s just a habit to check our social media accounts and private messages, or it could be that you check your work email out of hours on your phone as a matter of routine. A lot of the time we don’t realize how badly this can come across. You might just be checking your phone while you wait for the check in a restaurant or while waiting to be seated somewhere, but to her, this means you feel like you’re not really present. It can give the impression that she’s boring you, or worse, make her paranoid that you are messaging your friends about her.

If you absolutely need to check your phone occasionally on the date for work reasons or because you’re expecting some important news, tell her at the start before you do it – just mention that you’re really sorry and you really don’t want her to think it’s rude but you promised your boss you’d keep an eye on your email this evening, or similar.

Good Shoes

It may seem strange, but studies have shown that one of the first things women notice about men is their shoes. Make sure you have stylish shoes on that are in good condition and are suitable for where you are going on your date.

For a casual date, you can’t go wrong with some designer sneakers, which will look luxurious and fashionable while still being low key. Check out the Givenchy sneakers at SSENSE for fashion inspiration. Some stylish new sneakers by Givenchy are a perfect choice, and SSENSE has all of the latest in the Givenchy men’s range.

Men’s Fragrance

It goes without saying that you want to smell good but adding a splash of a luxury men’s fragrance or aftershave is the way to do it. The smell of Axe body spray just reminds most women of teenage boys, so don’t go down that route if you want to make a good impression. Instead, a subtle touch of a fragrance by a sophisticated brand like Dior or Armani is your best option.

These are three easy ways to make sure your date gets the best impression of you the first time you meet!

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