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Child’s Play

Why it’s important for children to have enough free play at a young age?

During my 20 years of international school administration, one of the changes I have noticed is the move by both schools and parents to reduce free play time […]

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Question Everything

Making sure schools have the right answers

The school year has ended and as parents you are either reflecting upon the year at your present school or preparing to move to a new posting in another country. Selecting a school for your family […]

By |July 25th, 2014|Education|0 Comments
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Brain Overload

Are ‘digital natives’ really effective multitaskers?

I thought the topic of multitasking might be useful to parents because at some stage in your child’s development you are going to hear the phrase, “You don’t understand, I am doing my homework. We […]

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Girls Will Be Girls

The pressures on girls in society and in school.

“It’s pretty hard being a girl nowadays. You can’t be too smart, too dumb, too ugly, too friendly, too coy, too aggressive, too defenseless, too individual, or too programmed. If you are […]

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Boys Will Be Boys

“The ‘differentness’ of boys is not inherently bad but it does present a challenge to teachers, to the school culture and to boys themselves.” Excerpt from Raising Cain by Dan Kindlom and Michael Thompson.

Since the 90s, evidence has been mounting […]

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