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Floating Downstream

With Tet slowly peering around the corner, Vietnam’s waterways will soon be busier than ever

The gentle ‘put-put’ of a single-cylinder Chinese diesel engine is the soundtrack to the waterways of Vietnam. While large, modern, metal-hulled freighters and sand barges have […]

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Not For Sale

Tackling human trafficking in Vietnam

Vietnam’s rapid economic growth has masked long-standing problems of human trafficking, child labor and the illegal sex trade. Organizations such as Pacific Links Foundation are addressing these issues through education, training and the creation of a […]

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Take Me to the River

The gentle ‘put-put’ of a single- cylinder Chinese diesel engine is the soundtrack to the waterways of Vietnam. While large, modern, metal-hulled freighters and sand barges have taken over much of the heavy lifting required for Vietnam’s rapid modernization and […]

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Saigon Singles

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough.” – Mark Twain

Stephen Thomas is clearly a gourmand of considerable refinement. When I met him, he swiftly began debating the terroir and bouquet of various wines […]

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Page One

No two persons ever read the same book

While there is a wealth of street traders selling dog-eared copies of classics and shiny sensational paperbacks, many of these are poorly translated, missing pages, or badly printed. More solid bookstores in Saigon […]

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All the Cats Join In

A little bit of Swing, a whole lotta fun

Swing music began in 1930s America and swiftly took the world by storm. The associated dance actually had older roots, in the jitterbug music of the 1920s African American dance scene, which […]

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Girl Power

In 2006, Kim Moore and Robin Austin started Network Girls to give female working professionals in Saigon an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas on life and business. “The idea to form a group for female professionals actually began a […]

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A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Saigon’s streets are difficult to navigate whether on foot, two, three or four wheels, and a strong memory is a must in order to get from point A to B without getting lost. The Saigon Memory Game comes to the […]

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My life as… a xe ba gac driver

“I’ve been driving a xe ba gac since reunification,” says 59-year-old Ut. “I used to work for a company contracted by the government; I made saw blades that were used to cut down trees. The pay was good, but I […]

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From Floor To Wall

Encaustic tile is nothing new. They’ve been around since medieval times, but they’re currently enjoying a bit of a moment. Whether in intricate curlicues or modern geometric patterns, they always have a certain ‘been here forever’ rustic charm. Quynh and […]

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