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Restaurant Review: Park Lane

No Sunday is complete without partaking in this British tradition

A roast may be the most quintessential British weekend tradition, followed by the glorious English breakfast. The definition of comfort food is food that provides a feeling of consolation and that […]

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Restaurant Review: Ngon Asia House

An ambitious plan to serve Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines under one roof, and somehow it works

Ngon Asia House (2nd-4th floor, Saigon Garden, 99 Nguyen Hue, D1) is the ultimate in Asian dining, with five separate kitchens and […]

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Restaurant Review: Nineteen Brunch at Caravelle Saigon

From delectable seafood and mouthwatering roasts to decadent desserts, the Caravelle’s NINETEEN brunch buffet is a must

A four-foot long salmon resting beautifully on a platter of buttery white wine sauce, accompanied by over a dozen giant mussels, presided over the entrance of restaurant […]

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Restaurant Review: Qui Lounge

Qui Lounge (22 – 22bis Le Thanh Ton, D1) is not a bar, nor is it a lounge or restaurant—it’s a perfect balance of all three in one space. The industrial copper-plated lighting fixtures above the bar set the scene, […]

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Restaurant Review: Ganges

Ganges offers Indian food dressed up brightly, with attention to fresh ingredients and flavors

If I were stuck on an island with only one option for food to eat for the remainder of my life, that choice would undoubtedly be Indian. […]

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Restaurant Review: Diego’s Taco Shop

Mexican Food via San Diego right here in Saigon

No place matches the breadth and depth of Mexican restaurants than Southern California, except Mexico City itself—and maybe not even there. Diego’s Taco Shop (41/9 Co Giang, D1) was inspired by its […]

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Restaurant Review: Ngon Asia House

It’s difficult to put into words the incredible amount of detail that went into designing and creating Ngon Asia House (99 Nguyen Hue, D1). From dark wood furniture and red curtains separating various dining spaces to exposed light bulbs hanging […]

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Restaurant Review: Relish & Sons

Not all burgers are created equally

Considering the fierce competition found in Saigon when it comes to burgers, Relish & Sons (44 Dong Du, D1) tries and succeeds at being a hip burger joint attracting a wide array of clientele from […]

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The Restitution of Fusion

Finding your way to mouthwatering dishes influenced from across the globe

With greenhouse window panes, rustic dark brown leatherback chairs, empty wine bottles strategically perched throughout and friendly waiters, the recently renovated Eleven Café (29 Le Anh Xuan, D1) is adding […]

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Restaurant Review: Tandoor

An over-excited Indian who grew up in England, a tired American who had just survived two months in India and I, a foodie who had also visited the South Asian country, walked into the newly relocated Tandoor (39A – 39B […]

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