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Become a Warrior King

Discovering the beauty of Ghana while volunteering.

The 4×4 trundles along the dirt path strewn with rocks, the odd shoe or tire lining the route underneath blossoming orange trees. austere mud houses, primitive graffiti and obscure parliament benches where locals hang […]

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Hashing it Out

Saigon’s most bizarre and certainly most eclectic sport and social club

Text by Jonathan Rebours
Image by Wade Brackenbury

Created from a need by British officers to shake off the excesses of the weekend, hashing began in 1938 in Malaysia. Keeping the public […]

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  • Fake alcohol is an ever present threat in cheap mixed drinks.

The Great Pretender

The practice of selling fake liquor is all too common

In a bar somewhere on Bui Vien, after drinking a few shots of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, Jeff (name has been changed to protect his identity) decided it was time […]

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The Healing Power of Qi

An insight into the ancient practice of healing through herbs and needles…

“EASTERN MEDICINE is for everything, not one specific problem,” explains Dr. Le Van Canh, who studied at the Ho Chi Minh Medicine and Pharmacy University, and who now owns […]

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Based on official CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) tasting notes and relying on the taste buds and vast experience of our esteemed judging panel, Oi is getting to the bottom of Vietnam’s local beers.


Adam Zakharoff Director of Operation […]

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A Home Run

An American import becomes a major hit in Ho Chi Minh City…

To a young british man like myself the word softball evokes scenes of Middle America from 90s coming-of-age family movies. But to many, especially in Asia, it’s a sport […]

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Joe the Mechanic

When leaving your US$500,000 car to just anyone won’t do, it’s time to call Dr. Joe

What is your background?

Joe: For many years I worked as a professional engineer designing, testing and developing cars while enjoying the global experience that […]

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The Luxe List

Where money is no object

Phonetic Virtue

No longer are diamonds confined to the neck and fingers, and the concierge confined to the hotel reception. Vertu has combined the two at the touch of a button on the most breathtaking handsets […]

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