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Eat Breakfast Like the Queen

English breakfast

It’s a strange culinary crown to wear, but one we Brits wear with enormous pride – the English breakfast is not only a source of huge national honor, but also fierce debate. Black pudding or not? Beans or no beans? […]

By |July 5th, 2014|Features|1 Comment
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The Workout Couple

A husband and wife team combine love and fitness to open their own gym

For most couples, living and working together is a bridge too far – blurring the boundaries between work and play, and bringing office stress home is something to be avoided at […]

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Magic Beans

Healthy and cheap, soy delights to please the palate

Soybeans have long been touted as the latest super food, hailed for their ability to fight cancer, lower cholesterol and improve memory. And while they’re easy to grow and cheap to buy, it’s a wonder […]

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Crustacean Cravings

Fresh delicious seafood without having to travel to the coast

Blue Crab (49 Quoc Huong, D2) is coming up to its two year anniversary and has had consistently good reviews since it first opened in January 2012. Its mission is high […]

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The Couture Cake Maker

Delicious art that’s edible from top to bottom

Shirley started baking as a small kid growing up in the Philippines. Her parents ran a Spanish restaurant and so for Shirley, food has always had a starring role in her life. After leaving school, she […]

By |November 14th, 2013|Features|1 Comment
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Decadent Dumplings

Japan’s famous luxury sweet will satiate any sugar cravings

In the space of two years, Mochi Sweets (77 Hai Ba Trung, D1) has not just arrived in Vietnam but is fast taking over the sweet snack scene with 14 stores already open and more […]

By |November 6th, 2013|Features|1 Comment
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Under the Needle

An expat recalls his experience with Botox injections in HCMC

James, 33, splits his time between New York, London and Saigon. Having had Botox a couple of times in New York and been thrilled with the results – “I couldn’t stop looking […]

By |September 16th, 2013|Features|1 Comment
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Conflicts of Interest

French photojournalist Patrick Chauvel defines his life around photography, war and peace

Text by Lottie Delamian

Image by Quinn Ryan Mattingly

Patrick Chauvel has pretty much seen it all. Arriving in Vietnam in 1968, aged just 18, he embarked on a photography career […]

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Go East, Young Man

It used to be that the buzzword was “go west” to seek your fortune. But in the 21st century, it is Asia which attracts the young entrepreneurs

While Western newspapers are awash with stories of unfettered immigration, overcrowded cities and […]

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Happiness is Eating Chinese Food

There’s a Vietnamese saying that “happiness is eating Chinese food, having a Japanese wife and living in a Western house.” Our insider tips will start you on your journey to eternal bliss…

IN CHO LON, the air is alive with the […]

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