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Stocking Coffee

A most unusual way to brew cofffee

An image of coffee slowly dripping through a metal filter into a cup perfectly captures Saigon and its unhurried way of life. However, before the arrival of these iconic metal filters, coffee sold by […]

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Art Lives Here

A hidden village of artists on the banks of the Saigon River

Before a 1997 government project to redevelop District 2, it was largely an unpopulated wasteland the size of District 1, 3 and 4 combined. After nearly two decades of […]

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A Won-Won Situation

Korea and Vietnam are win-win economic growth partners

The Number One resource for Korean companies looking to venture into business in Vietnam is the Korean Chamber of Commerce (KoCham). Started in 2004, KoCham is one of the most influential and active […]

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Keepers of the Flame

A gathering place for Zippo lighter collectors and enthusiasts

Zippos are much more than simple metal lighters. The ubiquitous Zippo became woven into the fabric of the American War experience. These compact lighters “are the small, speaking, archaeological objects that bear […]

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Book Smart

Room to Read sets out to make sure every child has an opportunity to learn

Although little-known, Room to Read Vietnam (RTRV) is one of the oldest NGOs in Vietnam and has been making a positive impact on thousands of Vietnamese […]

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Press Print

Now you can design and manufacture a coffee cup and fill it with coffee in the same place

CAFEIN3D looks nothing like your typical café in Saigon: there are no sofas to lounge on, no coffee counters or loud music blasting […]

By |January 3rd, 2016|Wine & Dine|1 Comment
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A Recipe for Natural Beauty

Ditch the toxins in your personal care products and make your own

Around the central mixing table at the Savon de Saigon (180/58 Nguyen Huu Canh, Binh Thanh) laboratory, Julien and Thao gather the class together. We had only two hours […]

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Welcome to the Third Dimension

Combining fantasy and reality to create dramatic illusions

A bucket seems to be filled with fast- moving goldfish, two turtles compete for space in a small white bowl and an octopus rests in shallow water. However, it is only on closer […]

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Grounds & Hounds

Now serving coffee with a side of puppy kisses

One of the newest cafes to pair refreshing beverages with cute animals in Saigon recently celebrated its first birthday last month. Hachiko (14 Hoa Sua), a two- storey cafe centered around dogs […]

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Garden State

Saigon’s latest playground for skaters, betrothed couples and graffiti artists

Located between district 7 and Nha Be District is a studio and entertainment hub that has been steadily growing in popularity since it opened a year ago. En-Dee Garden (915/22 Le […]

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