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The Constant Gardener

Just about every dish tastes better with fresh herbs-and there’s no better way to get fresh herbs than to grow them yourself

Looking back on my time as a university student, maintaining a small herb and veggie garden was one of […]

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The Coconut Monk

His bizarre life on Phoenix Island remains his most enduring legacy

On a sliver of island in the wash of the Mekong, just outside of My Tho, sits the obscure remains of one of the more bizarre chapters in Vietnamese history. […]

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Ride In Style, Safely

Meet the man on a mission to create the ultimate motorcycle jacket

Thomas Grové, amongst other things, is a video game publisher, design consultant, cyberpunk aesthete, climbing enthusiast, and most recently, a man on a crusade to change the way people […]

By |September 18th, 2016|Fashion|2 Comments
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A Seaside Escape

Beyond the oil rigs and tourist traps, there’s another side of Vung Tau worth exploring

Vung Tau is a place I’d brushed over in the past and mentally scratched off the list. So when asked to return and give it another […]

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Love Is In The Air

A change of scenery is often just what it takes to put a little magic and mystery back into a relationship

When thinking of romance and travel, the big ticket destinations that pop up time and time again are your usual suspects: […]

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Black Soldier Flies

Saving the world through craft beer and soldier flies

In the back lots of Thu Duc’s sprawling university campus, one man and his hand-built fly farm is on a mission to save the world’s oceans. It’s a quest that involves the unlikely combination […]

By |July 16th, 2016|Features|2 Comments
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Restaurant Review: Casa Italia

A Melbourne laneway-style trattoria in the heart of the city

An unlikely visage of a Melbourne-styled Italian restaurant, complete with Monty Python and Fawlty Towers iconography and a line-up of Australian beer brands, greets diners as they enter Casa Italia (86 […]

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La Isla Bonita

Welcome to the beach capital of the Philippines

There’s oohing and ahhing as the island comes into view from the windows of our twin-prop plane swooping in to land. We pass wind turbines and postcard- perfect waters. “Mate, that’s beautiful, that’s […]

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Journey to Jaffna

A region once ravaged by strife is now one of Sri Lanka’s must-see destinations

I’m on the mail train to Jaffna, my head stuck out the window with repeated clacking of the rails, sway of the carriage and unstoppable motion into […]

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35mm – Film photography makes a comeback

WHILE IN DECLINE in most parts of the world since the 90s, film photography is going through something of a revival in Saigon. Film is still inexpensive and relatively easy to come by for those who know where to look, […]

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