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Behind the lens: meet Hoi An photographer Rehahn

If every picture tells 1000 words, there must be millions of words to the stories of Hoi An-based photographer Rehahn.

It’s good to be Réhahn. This time last year, the Hoi An-based portrait photographer had about 6,000 Facebook fans. Thanks to […]

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Human Touch

An artist gets her kicks in Singapore

Visiting Singapore after two years in Vietnam is such a treat for an artist like me. It was the annual Affordable Art Fair in the exhibition halls near the Singapore wheel. I was dazzled […]

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Big and Shiny

The neon lights of Hong Kong

I last visited Hong Kong at the very beginning of the Year of the Horse and here I am, 12 years later, in the same year but a different place. Back then, the city had […]

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Mbeng Kate

A disappearing tradition

Held in September/October, the Mbeng Kate (the seventh month of the lunar calendar), or more commonly, but perhaps inaccurately, known as theKate Festival, is one of the most important events on the Cham calendar. While Mbeng Kate is […]

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Full Metal Jackets

Costume designer turns play into work

In the cosplay community, Han Phi Tuyet (also known as “The Armor Man”) is the go-to designer for bespoke one-of-a-kind anime or sci-fi inspired costumes. At just 24, Tuyet has created sets and props for […]

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The First of Many

Growing education through art
I am sitting at my studio window that overlooks the mountains and rice fields of the Sapa valley. It is dawn, and a rose and blue sky is the backdrop to the magnificent landscape that rolls down […]

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Blackbird Fly

Saigon’s newest exclusive place for exclusive things

“A large shop selling miscellaneous goods” or “very strange or unusual”? It’s hard to describe which definition best fits Black Bird’s Bazaar (41 Street 41, D2), set to open in late September/early October. One […]

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A Dyeing Art

The making of H’mong batik

Up in the misty mountains of the Lao Cai district in northern Vietnam, H’mong women in the Sapa area have perfected a technique for making deep, rich, blue hemp textiles decorated with intricate designs. These fabrics have been […]

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Smooth as Silk

A modern reinterpretation on a centuries-old art

Silk painting is no longer the popular medium of expression among Vietnam’s contemporary artists it once was. With a history dating back centuries, recent decades have seen this once vibrant traditional art form decline into something […]

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  • Oi Vietnam August 2014

Surprising Sapa

Around every corner is something that you have never seen or maybe never experienced before.

To visit Sapa or the surrounding districts is to step into another world. Sometimes, it doesn’t even feel like you are still in Vietnam. Elevated, ethereal, […]

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