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Go, Go, Go

After moving to Hanoi, graphic designer Eisen Bernardo realized how motorbikes were integral to life in Vietnam, not just as a mode of transportation but for running errands. “Every day I see amazing, funny, bizarre things being carried on motorbikes. […]

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Art Direction

As one of the leading, important art galleries in the city, Oi asks Galerie Quynh to highlight works of three emerging artists they represent. Tran Duy Hung’s profile of the artists and their work are done with a keen, expert eye that allows us […]

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The Building of An Architect

The function of a building is just one of many things an architect has to think about when designing

From a layman’s perspective, the business of architecture resonates with grandeur. The word calls to mind grand designs and an intellectual flair, but […]

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Dress to Impress

Celebrated ao dai designer-artist Si Hoang speaks about opening Vietnam’s only museum Dedicated to this traditional long dress

One of Vietnam’ s most iconic ao dai designers, Si Hoang is as much a philosopher as he is an artist. That is […]

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Read All About It

The trend for offering bespoke libraries in luxury resorts and hotels has been quietly catching on

“Cicero’s dictum is that a room without a book is like a body without a soul. That said, books to me are like paintings. I’ve […]

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Step Outside

Look Around.

What you see is who you are.

Where you live defines you.

Your street, your neighborhood, your market, your museum, your art, your café, your crime: They all seep into your identity. Your city and its surroundings are the history around […]

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Bright Ideas

An illuminating lesson in lamps, fixtures and bulbs to create a flattering home

When most people embark on a design project, a lot of thought goes into furniture style, color palette, texture and materials. But to highlight all of these choices […]

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From Floor To Wall

Encaustic tile is nothing new. They’ve been around since medieval times, but they’re currently enjoying a bit of a moment. Whether in intricate curlicues or modern geometric patterns, they always have a certain ‘been here forever’ rustic charm. Quynh and […]

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Welcome to the Third Dimension

Combining fantasy and reality to create dramatic illusions

A bucket seems to be filled with fast- moving goldfish, two turtles compete for space in a small white bowl and an octopus rests in shallow water. However, it is only on closer […]

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Binh An first began to design lamps a little over a year ago. “Business in my old coffee shop was quite slow so I started to design in my spare time. I’ve always been passionate about lighting and how it […]

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