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Light the Fuse

Western and eastern civilizations have begun to merge several cultural design techniques, and the result is called fusion

The word “fusion” is the word du jour in design at the moment. It’s become quite the hot topic and is more often […]

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Eclectic Avenue

This playful, personal home design style shakes up conventions and bridges the gap between different looks

There’s a method to the madness of eclecticism – a design style that combines many types of styles to a room leaving it inviting and […]

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Mood Space

Combining forms and shapes to create the right atmosphere

We’ve explored the concept of line in a previous column, and the elements of form and shape are closely related: shape is a closed line, two-dimensional, while form is its 3-D equivalent. As […]

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Sweet Notes

Maintaining harmony in the home

If you’ve ever sung in a choir, you know that it only takes one off-key voice to throw the whole thing off. You may not be able to identify a source of the sour note, but […]

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Green with envy

Accentuate the positive

Popular wisdom and grandmothers the world over will tell you that you can do your eyes or your lips, but not both; better yet, that you should choose your best feature and accentuate that. For the uninitiated, we’re […]

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  • Contrast Better Homes & Gardens

Opposites Attract: mix and match interior design styles

In this month’s design column we look at how to mix and match interior design styles and make it all work.

The principle of contrast probably makes you think of color, and that’s a natural place to start – black and […]

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  • Ann Hepfer Balance

Design advice: Don’t trip at home

Balance in design is very much like balance in life.

It’s a bit of a cliché, but I can’t possibly begin without mentioning the staggering feats of equilibrium we see every day: a mound of teetering boxes minimally fastened by a […]

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Light Reading

Creative lighting solutions can transform your home in many ways

Here’s a little secret about light: it’s one of the most difficult elements to get right without any training. Color, pattern, line and texture — all of these are elements that […]

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A Bold Understatement

While George Constanza may think it a good idea to drape himself in velvet, the same is not true for your home.

Gone are the days where a matching set of wood furniture, polished to the point of reflection, was the height […]

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A Colorful Guy

Why you need to know Roy G. Biv when choosing a color scheme for your home…

Color is a great place to start in exploring your personal design tastes, because our reactions to it tend to be instinctual and very personal. […]

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