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Introducing Thao Trang, Vietnam’s Rihanna

Singer Thao Trang’s ambition to become as famous as the Barbadian superstar

I’m probably not the only one who’s reluctant to bring up the topic of Rihanna when chatting with Thao Trang these days. It may be a sore point; it’s […]

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Zero to Hero

Vietnam’s next musical idol, German Viet Kieu Trong Hieu

American Idol may already be walking the green mile, but the popular TV format appears to be stronger than ever here in Vietnam, where the show continues to reward artists who break […]

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The Sound Of Silence

Is it curtains for classical music in Vietnam?

The 2015 Vietnamese Art Festival Autumn Melodies finished its triumphant run on August 30th. The one-week program consisted of 11 shows from a variety of music styles and performance disciplines such as symphony […]

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In Session with Frank Turner

The punk rocker turned British folk songsmith arrives in Saigon this March with his unique brand of storytelling through catchy melodies and insightfully inclusive lyrics. Drawing from largely autobiographical inspiration and the nation of his birth, Frank Turner embodies what […]

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