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Beachside town Huanchaco approved as a World Surfing Reserve in 2012

Lake Titicaca, located in the Andes on the border of Peru and Bolivia

15th-century Inca site is located 2,430 meters above sea level

Stairs leading to the Temples in the upper town […]

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*Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world, near the crest of the andes at a 3,656 meter altitude 

*Isla del Pescado is an outcrop of land in the middle of Salar de Uyuni covered in cacti.

*A 7.5-hour train […]

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The Mist cast: Life in dance

Seventy percent of Vietnamese live in rural areas, spending their days tending rice fields, visiting temples and preparing for early morning market.

The Mist portrays Vietnamese farming life through contemporary dance (select performance dates in 2015). We asked some of the […]

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Bay from above

Viewed from above, Halong bay resembles a geographic work of art. From the air, you can see parts of the bay not visible from the cruise boats – sculpted valleys, hidden lakes and deep craters, all carpeted in an iridescent […]

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*Humpback Whale bones, Pleuneau Island 

*Whaling Ship Wreck in Bismarck Strait 

*Antarctic Sea Lion in Wilhelmina bay


Images by Jimmy Van Der Kloet 

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The Pearls of The Orient

The morning dawned sunny and hot for what had been billed as a mysterious journey to a “secret island” somewhere off Phu Quoc, to plumb the depths of the famed pearl farming industry.

As I waited to be collected for the […]

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Children of the North

Sapa and Ha Giang was amazingly beautiful and endlessly fascinating because of the children I met while traveling there. No matter how rugged and remote, there were always one or two children around either playing or going about their everyday […]

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Turning a New Leaf

Vietnamese tea farmers pick leaves in a verdant field in central Vietnam’s mountainous highland region. A little background on the journey of your tea leaf – from plant to pot – might just make the significance of your next cup […]

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Fish Eye Lens

If you’ve been to any of the country’s wet markets you would have seen (and smelled) them – dried and flattened whole fish that could pass for cardboard cutouts, slabs of salted fish fillets so hard and stiff they could […]

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Urban Play

With a construction site as their stage, the AO dancers show off their agility and daredevil spirit by scaling down walls, leaping off roofs, suspending themselves in air and even balancing on one foot on someone else’s head. Forget Peter […]

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