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Turning a New Leaf

Vietnamese tea farmers pick leaves in a verdant field in central Vietnam’s mountainous highland region. A little background on the journey of your tea leaf – from plant to pot – might just make the significance of your next cup […]

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Fish Eye Lens

If you’ve been to any of the country’s wet markets you would have seen (and smelled) them – dried and flattened whole fish that could pass for cardboard cutouts, slabs of salted fish fillets so hard and stiff they could […]

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Urban Play

With a construction site as their stage, the AO dancers show off their agility and daredevil spirit by scaling down walls, leaping off roofs, suspending themselves in air and even balancing on one foot on someone else’s head. Forget Peter […]

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This Country Life

Vietnam is still a highly agrarian society with eighty percent of the population living in rural villages scattered throughout the lowlands of Chau Doc, the mountainous areas in Dalat and the coastal line running along Hoi An. The countryside is […]

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On The Road Back

I used to visit Dalat when I was young. In those days, the city was a relatively unknown tourist destination my parents sometimes brought me to. Two years ago, I decided to get on my motorbike and make the trip from […]

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Hold that Pose

Dancers are storytellers. They’re trained to capture passion with their bodies. These incredible photos illustrate the unbelievable talent of ballet dancers. Composed in random situations in well-known and familiar settttings around Saigon, the elegance and skill of the dancers contrast […]

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Peaceful Moments

Growing up, I was always curious about how photographers captured the images they did and how they brought the subjects to life. This curiosity turned into a passion for taking photos when I was in my 20s and then into […]

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Bridging the Gap

Saigon’s soundtrack is unmistakable. Drills. Hammers. Machines at work. On every block, around every corner, the city is being razed and remodeled making way for renovation and growth. This onslaught of urbanization and globalization is leaving lasting impressions on Saigon’s […]

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Rain Check

It beats on our rooftops. It makes us wear silly pink polka dot ponchos. It creates puddles on the sidewalk and wreaks havoc with our schedule. Rain can be dramatic or it can be subtle. But as the rest of […]

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  • Under Great Northern Skies: Sa Pa, Vietnam. Lying in the high hills on the border of Vietnam and China, grand landscapes are home to several different ethnic minority groups.

Under Great Northern Skies

These images are a look at the life and land of Vietnam’s great north. Busy city streets are nowhere to be found. Instead, motorbikes ply their way up and down the pastoral slopes on imperfect trails while trucks wind their […]

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