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Entering a business venture with a Vietnamese

I’m considering entering a business venture with some Vietnamese colleagues. I’m able to draw up a simple contract in English but am not sure what I need to do to make it legal and binding. Would I have to get it translated? If so, […]

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My landlord wants to break the lease!

Q: I currently have a verbal contract with my landlord that I’d be renting my apartment for one year. I paid 4 months in advance (and I have a receipt), but recently, she told me that she wants to take it back for someone […]

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Protecting Your Consumer Rights

Dear Hadrien,
I recently bought a new HD television in a big electronics store. At home, I installed it and watched a DVD. But after two hours, the screen went black and I couldn’t get it to work again. When I found out that not […]

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A Gentleman’s Agreement

Dear Hadrien, I lent my wife’s nephew USD5,000 to start a new business. We wrote out an agreement, which we both signed. It’s now been a year past the repayment due date and while I think he has the money […]

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