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Don’t Worry, You Can Trust Me

Trusts as a financial planning tool

Dear Sven,

I’m a keen investor who’s been living in Vietnam for six years now. I have a few property investments abroad, and I own a small stock portfolio. I have a son who is six […]

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Setting up workplace pensions and insurance for employees

Dear Sven, I have been running a successful diving school in Vietnam for many years now and have a loyal team of employees, most of whom are Vietnamese. I am worried that when they want to retire or are unable […]

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Bull & Bear: Top stocks to watch in Vietnam

Dear Sven,

I’ve been living in Saigon for a number of years now, and have always been interested in using a bit of my money to buy shares in the Vietnamese stock market. I’ve read that the government will lift the […]

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Navigating Vietnamese Bank Fees

Dear Sven,

I just moved from Madrid to Saigon to work as a manager at a local manufacturing company. My boss told me that I am responsible for opening my own bank account while I’m here. I’ve noticed that there are […]

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How much debt should I have?

Dear Afonso,
How much debt should I have?

Of course the answer is none. But every individual has a unique situation, and there are no definitive answers that can guarantee financial success for everyone. We can use developed countries’ lending rules to limit the amount of money one […]

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  • Protecting a good investment and making money concept

Can I double my money within six months?

I have USD5,000 in a bank but it’s just sitting there and not earning interest. What’s the best way for me to invest it? Ideally I would like to double that in six months. Any advice or options?

So you want to double your […]

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Is Vietnam considered an emerging market?

Is Vietnam considered an emerging market? What is an emerging market anyway?

Back in the early 1980s, from a political “Western” perspective the world was geo-politically divided into three main areas: the first world, mainly Western hemisphere countries – divided by the imaginary line of the Iron […]

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Should I keep dong or dollars? or other currency?

Is it a good idea to convert money into dong or leave it as dollars or other currency? And since banks here only insure up to VND50 million is it risky to have a lot of money in the banks here? How can I […]

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Invest Wisely

Dear Afonso,

I want to invest my money but how do I know the investment companies in Vietnam are legitimate and not just shell companies that will take my money and then disappear the next day? I’ve even heard that […]

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