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Unwanted Pregnancies

Benefits of spaying and neutering your dog

This month we explore ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies in female dogs and raise awareness of their mating ‘heat cycle.’ In the next issue we will discuss cats. Sterilizing dogs and cats, is the […]

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Sit, Boy, Sit

Finding a pet-sitting service in Vietnam

The concept of dog sitting, as well as pet accommodation in general for short or long-term stays, is new to Vietnam. Properly managed, professional services are hard to find and are in-demand. The development of […]

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Flying with Fido

Traveling with pets, part two

Inbound Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam is a fairly easy country to enter with pets. Regulations state that your cat or dog must have a recent rabies vaccination and an authorized health certificate – no import […]

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Traveling with pets in Vietnam (Part 1)

Traveling with a dog or cat within Vietnam can become overwhelming. Relocating to or moving away from Vietnam with pets will present complications that need to be considered and planned for well in advance. This is the first of two […]

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Vetting Vets

Finding a good veterinarian in Vietnam

In my last article I outlined three choices to consider in bringing a cat or dog into your home – buy, adopt or foster. Another important factor in owning a pet is finding a good […]

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Pets: Buy, Adopt or Foster?

A pet can bring joy into your home but it can also bring hardship if you are not acutely aware of the issues of owning a pet in Vietnam. While it’s financially cheaper to own a cat or dog in […]

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Protect your pet from Saigon dognappers

Every week, only a handful of dognapping cases are reported in Saigon – the actual numbers are more staggering.

The speed, frequency and brazenness of the Saigon dognappers is mindboggling. Sometimes the outcome is favorable and the dog is returned – […]

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