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Daughter of The War

A poignant story about hardships and perseverance of one incredible person during the aftermath of the American War

Nobody in the family told me why I had to live apart from my parents until I finally figured out the reason,” I was half-American”. It was the […]

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It Takes a Village

The ubquitous bamboo is forever tied in to Vietnamese culture and identity

For centuries, the Vietnamese have seen themselves in the hardy, strong, ramrod straight plant, a fitting symbol for the strength and resilience of the people. The fact that bamboo grows in clusters speaks of the nation’s solidarity.

Throughout the […]

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Let’s Bag the Plastic Bags

Cassava starch bags you can buy today to help stop plastic pollution

Whether you are buying coffee, a book or even just a single candy bar, the cashier would most likely be wrapping your purchase in a plastic bag inside another plastic bag. The excessive use […]

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Bark to The Future

Pet supply retailers and services are beginning to bloom in Vietnam

One must put things in prospective in regards to the evolution of pet ownership and a supporting pet supply retail industry in Vietnam. The first documented, commercial “small companion animal” veterinarian clinic opened in Hanoi in 2003 […]

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The Extinction of Chocolate

It’s a scary possibility, but it’s also not quite as simple as that

At the turn of 2018, the internet melted at the news that chocolate would be going out of existence in 40 years. Supposedly because of rising global temperatures caused by global warming. It’s all well and […]

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The Chocolate Who Can Sing

Meet Doan Trang, Vietnam’s Latin pop singer

“This is the best year of my life” beams Doan Trang, one of Vietnam’s most charismatic popular singers of recent decades. She’s just hit one of the most universally dreaded milestones of anyone’s lifetime, clocking into her forties in early February—yet […]

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Skin Deep, Dark & Delicious

The skinny on chocolate’s therapeutic benefits

Ever since the first Europeans encountered cacao, they’ve been documenting its use as medicine. The Badianus Manuscript (dating back to 1552) recorded that Mesoamericans used cocoa derivatives as remedies for everything from angina and constipation to gout and hemorrhoids.

As it made its way over to […]

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Lost and Found

The assimilation and dissimilation of two Vietnamese living abroad

Drifters : Serendipity marks the conclusion to the first chapter of our creative exploration of which photography is the main medium. More importantly, this book has allowed us a momentary pause during which we have been able to revisit […]

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The Lady Rides Again

Godiva, a luxury chocolatier, finds a sweet spot in Vietnam

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but whoever first coined that phrase must have never tasted a piece of premium Belgian chocolate before. Why Belgium? Because there is a broad consensus that […]

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Block by Block

Blockchain and how it’s changing the nature of real estate

Blockchain is the secure ledger system behind the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and it’s the technology that has been credited with the power to reinvent the property sector. Understanding why, is far from simple. Blockchain technology is notoriously complicated. In […]

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