• Puppy

Furever Gifts

For many, the joy of giving can be marred with the realization that gift-giving itself is a dressed up episode of consumerism. But what if you want to actually be charitable this season and buy your gift conscientiously? A number […]

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  • Bejeweled


Yim Bader is a local jewelry designer and owner of her namesake brand YB Designs. Her passion for wearing and making jewelry started in 2005, first as beading arrangements with wood beads and assorted stones, then over the years she […]

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  • Coconut

Jungle To Jar

You’ve probably seen their signature pink jungle to jars popping up lately in stores around Saigon. The brand’s sleek, minimal packaging and catchy name has gotten on our radar as a seriously good-looking coconut oil.

Maggie Shen, an Australian-Chinese model, designer […]

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  • Preserving Traditions

Preserving Traditions

Created from a passion and commitment to preserve Vietnam’s identity, founders Huyen and My established Viethnic. Both were born in the mountainous province of Hoa Binh, which allowed them to understand the richness in traditions that the ethnic minorities of […]

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  • Clean Up Your Act

Clean Up Your Act

Plagued by red spots and itchy skin, Saigon Suds, founded by Rachel Arn and Megan Eichelberger, started as a personal effort to combat the exhaust fumes and pollution patches left on their skin after a day in the city. Learning […]

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  • OI VietNam - VietNam silver house - December 2018 - IMG_6195

The Secrets Of Silver

Create your own, one-of-a-kind silver ring, whether as a gift for somebody or just a way to treat yourself

There’s always been an aura of mystery surrounding silver, purported to do everything from improving circulation and promoting healing to staving off […]

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  • Oi VietNam - A little bit - November 2018 - IMG_3109

Bit By Bit

Through distribution of eco-friendly products and education, a couple hopes to make Vietnam a little less plastic

Last year, Lauren Singer became a viral sensation when she published a video on her YouTube channel Trash is for Tossers about how she […]

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  • Boat

Trapped By The Boat

Questioning when to protect and when to abandon “tradition”

As a last concluding project in the Australia International School’s international baccalaureate arts program, students must show at the student art show that ends the school year. A substantial portion of their […]

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  • Oi Vietnam-august2017_CanGioTour_DSC6859_NT (1)

Deep Rooted Solutions

How Mangrove forests can protect the coastal areas and rice fields of the Mekong Delta from storms and flooding

It seems like the time of dramatic pronouncements of climate forecasts: a United Nations report released in October said humans have just […]

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  • Sky

River Life

Sam Beumkes captures everyday life along the Saigon River, from exercising and fishing to trading and walking man’s best friend, there’s something about the stillness of the water that makes life a little bit calmer in this bustling city.

Vinhomes in […]

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