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Repast Hoi An

Uncovering Hoi An’s fascinating history through food

While Hoi An is firmly on the tourist map for a lot of things—a ridiculously photogenic Old Quarter replete with colorful Insta-ready lanterns and artfully faded walls, an absurd number of tailor shops churning out designer-inspired garments in a day, […]

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The Motherly Gate

A pilgrimage to Hoi An’s recently reopened gate can usher in an auspicious childbirth for expecting mothers

Tucked away in a quiet pocket in Hoi An’s Hai Ba Trung street sits a reflection pool dotted with lily pads and a few lotus […]

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Meet the trio that’s making Saigon a funnier place

Started in mid-2017 by Adam Palmeter, a stand-up comedian who has since returned to his native country, Vu Minh Tu, Jwyanza Hobson and Angee The Diva took the mantle and ran with it, […]

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The Origin of a Story

From fabric to dye and sewer to wearer, the story behind fashion and eco label Metiseko is a tapestry of culture, beauty and heart
Do you know how the clothes you’re wearing right now were made? More specifically, do you know […]

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Let’s Talk About Sex

The shifting terrain of sex education in Vietnam

Last month two young Vietnamese men Le Hoang Thach,(30) and Le Huynh Ha (28) caused a storm on social media with a video in which they called on young women to stop having […]

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Trash to Treasure

Cleaning Danang’s beaches and re-moulding plastic perceptions

Living in Saigon, where the end of every trading day sees a tsunami of single use plastic piled high in drains, and where the river is becoming increasingly clogged with cups, straws and bags, […]

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Frequency and Depth

Meet the man building his own sound diffuser panels for better listening

In Thu Duc District in Ho Chi Minh City, accountant Pham Khac Tuong is turning discarded wood into one-of-a-kind, handmade sound diffuser panels worth thousands of dollars. Used by […]

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  • Orchestra

In Harmony

Building cross-nationality bonds through music and singing

Born out of desire to deliver a platform that enabled Vietnamese locals and foreign expats to create music together, the International Choir and Orchestra of Ho Chi Minh City (ICOHCMC, was established in […]

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It Started With A Bang

Vietnamese independent horror film Chase is taking you on a ride
Late one evening inside of an apartment nestled inside of that maze-like section of District 3 nested in the crook of Dien Bien Phu and Cach Mang Thang 8 streets, […]

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  • The Paper Tigers

The Paper Tigers

CW-Top: Gui Da Silva, Greene Yoshi Sudarso, Peter Sudarso, Roger Yuan
An independent kung fu film about three guys who are one kick away from pulling their hamstrings
In making his martial arts film The Paper Tigers, Vietnamese- American writer/director/editor Tran Quoc […]

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