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Behind the Music

The ups & downs and personal & professional life of local celebrity Kyo York

It’s pretty easy to prise open a locked scooter compartment if you know what you’re doing—just force the seat up at the right angle, and there’s a […]

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Keeping Vietnam Cool

Architect Charles Gallavardin speaks about bioclimatic architecture and the decline of air conditioning

On a typically sweltering saigon day, the type that makes you thankful for air conditioning, the office of T3 Architecture Asia is cool and comfortable, located down a […]

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A Woman Abroad

Building trade, social capital and security through culture in Asia

Oi met with Karen Lanyon, the Australian Consul-General, to discuss Vietnamese-Australian relations and the ongoing development of Vietnam. Lanyon was posted to Ho Chi Minh City in January 2016, returning to […]

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Digitally Crossed Cultural

The global market presents new challenges for graphic designers to address language barriers and ethnic nuances

Most designers assume that designing products for foreign markets only requires a language translation, switching currencies, and potentially updating a few fields. However, cross-cultural design […]

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Two Families Apart

The one that went and the one left behind

Few words engender feelings of warmth, safety and belonging like “family.” Especially this time of the year, when Vietnamese families the world over gather for a few precious days of merrymaking, overeating […]

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Reset for Tet

As urbanization increases and more people are moving to the cities and abroad, some of the traditions are dying out

Despite the broad-ranging changes that have occurred in Vietnamese society over the last quarter century, there’s a distinct air of reverence […]

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Sincerely, Your Daughter

The story of Denise Sandquist and the search for her birth mother in Vietnam

On first meeting her, Denise Sandquist looks every part the Swedish Millennial. Tall, with platinum blonde hair, immaculate make-up and stylish nails, she greets me with a […]

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Recipe for Success

Taking children off the streets and into the kitchen

Another Vietnamese restaurant will open in downtown Saigon early this year. That’s hardly a story, but beyond the steaming bowls of noodles will be a tourist hotspot in the making, a recruitment […]

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As Seen on TV

As diverse a background as one could imagine and a career to match, we ask TV chef and restaurateur Bobby Chinn, how he ended up cooking for 16 years in Vietnam, and find out about his banh mi shop in […]

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The Constant Gardener

Just about every dish tastes better with fresh herbs-and there’s no better way to get fresh herbs than to grow them yourself

Looking back on my time as a university student, maintaining a small herb and veggie garden was one of […]

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