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Tetiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Tet

Here’s Oi’s helpful guide to the customs of New Year… wise up and chances are you won’t unwittingly put your foot in it later this month….

Like many Southeast Asians, the Vietnamese would not consider making a major decision, whether it involved marriage or […]

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Your Money is No Good here

Don’t get turned away at the register, know what notes are “fit” for use

Is it true that shops are allowed to reject “damaged” bills? If so, what do they considered “damaged” and what am I supposed to do with them now?

Yes, […]

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The Myth

My Vietnamese family thinks air-conditioning is unhealthy, and is reluctant to let our kids spend too much time in an air-conditioned room. But I think the Saigon heat is too much for them, and that the air pollution isn’t good […]

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The Myth

Is it true that the best time to shop for bargains is right when the shop opens because there’s a Vietnamese belief called “mo hang” – meaning that the first sale of the day will bring them good luck – […]

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The Myth

I just bought a new phone and when I told my office workers they said I need to take them out for lunch to ‘wash’ the phone or I’ll get bad luck? Is it true there’s a Vietnamese custom of […]

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The Myth

Is it true that the locals use human urine to treat diseases?

Yes. The use of human urine and other organic waste to treat illnesses is a traditional Vietnamese folk remedy called “Nieu Lieu Phap” (“Urine Therapy”) dating back hundreds of […]

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The Myth

Is it true that Ben Thanh Market will be demolished to make space for a new shopping mall?

No, this is not true because Ben Thanh Market is one of the most recognizable symbols in Ho Chi Minh City and has […]

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The Myth

Is it true that the new metro lines will just cover District 1?

Speculation on where Saigon’s metro lines will be located has been rampant since as early as 2001 when city officials announced plans for an underground public transportation system. […]

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The Myth

What’s the real story behind the haunting of the HCMC Fine Arts Museum?

The HCMC Fine Arts Museum was originally the private residence of a Mr. Hoa, the wealthiest man in Saigon at the time, who also owned other famous buildings […]

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Saigon Mythbusters

The Myth: Are English books banned from being shipped out of Vietnam?

Actually, no, it’s not English books specifically. Both English and other foreign-language books are often simply caught in the line of fire between local prohibitions and actually-banned publications.

According to […]

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