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A Peaceful Seaside Retreat Inspired by the Elegance of French Indochine

Just off the southern coast of Vietnam lies the paradise island of Phu Quoc. Blessed with a lush interior and some of Asia’s finest white-sand beaches, Phu Quoc is set to become Vietnam’s next luxury destination. Situated on this tropical […]

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Echoes of Asia in L.A.

For unparalleled diversity in Asian culture and Hollywood movie magic, Los Angeles is the place to be

Some years ago I traveled to Taiwan and to save costs I stayed in a super cheap, somewhat dilapidated and terribly grimy guesthouse called Amigo, located in Taipei New City. There I struck up […]

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The Champa Kingdom

Cham-inspired travel combining culture and comfort

Known as intrepid seafarers, the Champa Kingdom developed international trade routes that allowed them to accumulate wealth and political power as well as forge ties with other regional kingdoms and with South Asia and China. Together with the Khmer and […]

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Blueprint to Paradise

Can conservation and tourism co-exist in Coron?

We slip into the glassy, emerald waters of one of Asia’s cleanest lakes, our hands feeling our way past smooth underwater boulders. Crystal clear visibility reveals a moonscape beneath the surface of Coron’s Kayangan […]

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Stay Awhile in WA

Western Australia is a land of superlatives and extremes, so take your time

Like many world-traveling professionals there are a few cities now that I’ve lived in that can easily be called home, but when that inadvertent question comes up here in […]

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Living Stories

Experience another layer of Saigon through stories from everyday locals
“I started this because I realized that every association with Vietnam revolved around banh mi, pho and conical hats,” explains Linh, the creator of Hidden Saigon (, while en-route to our […]

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Street Art

On creating an artists’ community in Hoi An
The fate of Hoi An’s craftsmen and artists has long waxed and waned with the prosperity of the town itself. Starting in the 15th century, artists from all over the country moved to […]

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Family First

Sun-drenched memories made at Novotel Phu Quoc Resort

Looking to beat the winter blues, we find ourselves on a short flight from Saigon to Phu Quoc in search of sand, sea and sun. Once ensconced in our bungalow set among lush […]

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5 of the best Asian cities to visit

Asia is such a diverse continent, packed full of unique experiences and cultures. One country can be so utterly different from the next, making it the perfect place to go on your travels. One minute you could be in the […]

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  • Chengdu, China at traditional Qintai Road district.

Chengdu & Chill

Why the capital of Sichuan is China’s happiest city

There’s an ancient Chinese proverb that says “the young shouldn’t go to Chengdu, and the old shouldn’t leave,” speaking to the laid-back lifestyle of this city of 10 million. The gateway to […]

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