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  • Highland

Motorcycle diaries: Riding from north to south Vietnam

A biker discovers that a dangerous road can lead to beautiful things… riding from north to south Vietnam by motorcycle.

It felt like a very long time ago when we were planning our trip over a leisurely pub lunch in England. […]

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  • Great wall of China 315

The Long Fortress: Exploring the Great Wall of China

The only way to really appreciate the Great Wall of China is to stand on its walls and stare in awe…

Much is written about the Great Wall of China that simply isn’t true. It doesn’t stretch across the whole country in […]

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  • Beautiful Copenhagen

Exploring Copenhagen

Denmark’s capital through the eyes of someone who transformed from tourist to local…

Copenhagen is a city where rich history meets modern innovation, a growing tourist destination, and an emerging force in the culinary world. Millions of visitors flock here every […]

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The Pearl of the Andaman

What to do and where to do it when visiting Phuket

There’s never quiet enough time to do everything as something exciting is always happening on the island. And with a land area of 540 square kilometres, Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, making […]

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  • Kayaking to the Small Lagoon - James Pham-31

Best of the best

Is Palawan truly the world’s best island?

The happy soundtrack I hear in my head is Bob Marley’s Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, except the percussion is provided by dozens of parrot fish crunching up coral in search of algae. Giant clams […]

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The Queens of New York

Founded over 350 years ago, Astoria is one of New York City’s most historic and diverse neighborhoods

Flashing neon lights and giant billboards that assault the eyes, theater marquees that trump the latest Broadway hits and a cacophony of taxi horns, shouting hawkers […]

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Ship to Shore

Traveling the world as cruise ship crew…

Working on cruise ships is one of the most unique jobs there is, and one of the best ways to travel the world. And because it’s such a unique lifestyle, people often ask me […]

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Become a Warrior King

Discovering the beauty of Ghana while volunteering.

The 4×4 trundles along the dirt path strewn with rocks, the odd shoe or tire lining the route underneath blossoming orange trees. austere mud houses, primitive graffiti and obscure parliament benches where locals hang […]

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  • Additional-EditedIstanbul by JP-12

Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

A love letter to the “City of the World’s Desire”

Dear Istanbul,

I know we’ve only known each other for a few days, but in that short amount of time, I’ve really grown to love you.

I love how I never know what to expect from […]

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  • Sailing by Giselle-8

Adventures on the High Seas

There’s cruising, and there’s sailing. Think high jinx on the high seas, instead of the blue rinse set cruising the deep blue sea

The first thing to greet us on the deck of Star Clipper is a fruity concoction in a champagne glass. “Where’s […]

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