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The Whirlwind

In conversation with legendary snooker player Jimmy White

There was a time when snooker demigod Jimmy White would have been out all night after an event like the match he played in Ho Chi Minh City last month, narrowly beating local […]

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Man of Iron

Meet 63-year-old Phu Si Hue, Saigon’s original champion bodybuilder

I am sitting on a bench press in a gym that looks more like a motorcycle repair shop. It’s all free weights and no nonsense, bare to the bone and it never […]

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Join the Race!

On February 17, for the first time in its 20-year history, the world famous Clipper Round the World Race arrived in Danang. Sailing and racing around the world for 11 months, the 12 identical 70-foot yachts completed a four week […]

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Ho Tram Open Positive for Vietnam Tourism

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism today announced support for the Ho Tram Open and outlined the clear benefits for Vietnam

The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism today declared his official support and best-wishes for the Ho Tram Open, […]

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The Asian Face of Tennis

The roadmap to creating a Vietnamese superstar

When then 17-year old Michael Chang won the French Open in 1989, one of tennis’ four largest tournaments, the world was intrigued. Standing at only 1.75m, Chang used his incredible foot speed, stamina and […]

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Run, Feddy, Run

Don’t sit on the sidelines, come on out and start running

Feddy Pham was getting weird looks on the canal. He was trying out something he’d picked up overseas, but his neighbors back home in Ho Chi Minh City didn’t know […]

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Switching the Play with Zorb Football

The game of football, including its name, is one of great contention throughout the world. So many different sports claim the name despite being almost nothing alike, save for the use of some sort of inflated leather ball. Most people […]

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Linked In – Playing Greg Norman’s Bluffs Course

THE BLUFFS POSSESSES so many of the traits of a great traditional links golf course – blind tee shots, fast undulating greens, sloping and unpredictable fairways and punishing, sandy rough if you err off line – which is worryingly easy […]

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Best in Show

Results from the first Vietnamese Equestrian Grand Prix….

On the outskirts of Saigon in Binh Duong, the first Vietnamese Equestrian Grand Prix debuted last month with little fanfare to an audience of approximately 200 guests. No tickets were sold. All guests […]

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Horse Play

Vietnam’s first Equestrian Grand Prix..

It’s 2014, The Year of the Horse, and things at the normally laid-back Bach Ma Equestrian Farm are stirring up. Equestrian coaches, horse riders, event organizers, designers, builders, doctors and veterinary specialists, the Vietnamese press, and […]

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