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Making a success out of long term travel

As summer draws near, many of us are starting to plan holiday destinations.

For some intrepid voyagers, though, travel isn’t limited to two weeks a year or even a season. It’s a full-time occupation. However, unless you’re a trust fund baby, turning […]

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Is long-term Travel for You?

Achieving the right mindset

Who hasn’t dreamt of ditching the corporate job, stuffing whatever will fit into a backpack and heading off to explore the world, destination unknown? For every person who actually does it, there are probably dozens if not […]

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Pack Like a Pro: Part 2

List, check and bundle…

In last month’s column, I talked about the joys of traveling with carry-on only, including what to pack (anything needed in transit and what you wouldn’t want lost, damaged or stolen) and how to manage your carry-on in […]

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Travel Hacking 101: Credit Cards

Tips for cheap (or free!) travel

Who doesn’t want to travel for free (or at least very cheaply)? Welcome to the world of travel hacking, a worldwide community of people dedicated to maximizing the value of every resource (be it time or money) […]

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The power of hotel amenities….

Most of the time, when I travel, my hotel room is more than a box to sleep in for the night. Travel carries its own stresses, especially travel to new places where you might not speak the language […]

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Complaint Resolution

How to extract the best in travel customer service…

Customer service in Asia seems to come in extremes – cloying as in multiple waiters hovering over your table, or non- existent with a side of don’t-need, don’t-care attitude. I succumbed to a […]

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Luggage 101

Picking out the best bag for you….

There’s a point in the Confessions of a Shopaholic series where Rebecca Bloomwood has an epiphany in the luggage department. “Luggage! Why have I never thought of luggage?” she screams, gleeful to discover a […]

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The Case for ‘Authentic Travel’

Opening yourself up to new experiences…

‘Authentic travel’ has been a hot topic recently in the travel community. Exactly what defines ‘authentic travel’ and is it really superior to other forms of travel? Some say it means getting off the beaten […]

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No Worries

Inside an all-inclusive resort.

“Are you sure this is free?” my mother asks for the third time in disbelief, as the waitress brings her a Piña Colada, swiftly followed by a Miami Vice (pina colada/ daiquiri mix). It’s 10 in the […]

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Traveling Tales

Strange (but true) travel stories

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. […]

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