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Themed Vacations

Giving your holiday a purpose

It used to be that everyone would dream of that once-in-a-lifetime vacation – a European cruise, a Hawaiian holiday, a week in Paris. But now that flights have gotten cheaper and people are traveling more, those bucket list holidays are prone to […]

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Time to Pack Your Bags

Ideas for your next holiday from the Travel Expo

Going to a travel expo is my adult version of being a kid in a candy store. Travel expos are great for trip planning because you can access travel experts one-on-one to narrow down which destinations best fit […]

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Thank You for Staying with Us

They’ll do almost anything to get you in bed

The hotel business is an extremely competitive one, often with little separating one luxe property from another. Last year finally saw global occupancy rates bounce back to where they were before the recession, when 2009 was the […]

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Nothing’s Free

By trying to lower the cost of flying, airlines may soon be charging passengers outrageous supplementary fees

May 21, 2008 will forever go down as a dark day in aviation history. US carrier American Airlines became one of the first legacy airlines to borrow a […]

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Travel Warnings

How to be the world’s smartest traveler

In almost 30 years of international travel, I’ve really only been in trouble twice. Once was during a trip to Phnom Penh in the mid- 90s when it was something akin to the Wild West. A group of […]

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A Bike and a Backpack

Discovering Taiwan’s scenic east coast

It’s day three of our cycling jaunt down the east coast of Taiwan. My knees are starting to ache as a result of peddling yesterday’s mountains. My bum is pleading for extra padding, relief from the unforgiving bike seat below. My […]

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The Lowdown on Solo Travel: Part 2

Alone doesn’t mean lonely.

It seems like the movies are finally catching up to reality. Inspiring films like Eat Pray Love and Under the Tuscan Sun (or even the apocalyptic thriller The Book of Eli) about solo travelers having lifechanging experiences […]

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The Evolution of DIY Travel

I remember my first ever international trip. I was 13 at the time and I spotted the $399 deal to Cancun in the paper. (Yes, even at 13, I was reading the Travel Section of the Washington Post…) Without my […]

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Travel More for Less

How to score free flights and maximize frequent flyer benefits…

Travel has changed tremendously in the past few decades. Since 1987, world travel has tripled, with 1 billion trips a year being taken internationally, and a whopping 3.1 trillion air miles […]

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