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Take me to the River

Explore the beautiful tapestry that makes up the Mekong Delta

On a fine Saturday morning I was picked up at 8am and taken down to Saigon Pier where at 8:15am I and several other travelers boarded a speedboat that would take us south to […]

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Beyond Temples and Tombs

Cycling to Hue’s lesser-known sights

Inscribed as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1993 for its gorgeous temples, imperial buildings and royal tombs, Hue’s beguiling charms and laid- back vibe are often lost on the millions of tourists who come through […]

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Colorful Colorado

There was a time when Colorado was the Wild West and that spirit stays alive today

Colorado is for the hale and hearty. A place where the elderly boisterously mock passing 4×4s and reminisce about their skills on VW Bugs; where […]

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Journey to Jaffna

A region once ravaged by strife is now one of Sri Lanka’s must-see destinations

I’m on the mail train to Jaffna, my head stuck out the window with repeated clacking of the rails, sway of the carriage and unstoppable motion into […]

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Keeping It Wild

A film contest aims to combat wildlife and rhino poaching

It’s been nearly five years since the last Vietnamese rhinoceros – Rhinoceros sondaicus annamiticus – was found dead with a bullet in its leg and its horn sawn off in Cat […]

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Can Tho: The Queen of the Mekong Delta

A PLAIN TUNIC. A fragile canoe floating silently on the river. A conical hat worn just off center. A flock of swallows flying over rice fields ripe for harvesting.

So goes the imagery in Chiec Ao Ba Ba, one of Vietnam’s […]

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Into Africa

Getting close to nature on a safari

Text by Adam Pickard Images by Rebecca Johnston

Many people dream of going on an African safari: seeing lions lazing in the sun, elephants herding their calves to watering holes and thousands of wildebeests and […]

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  • China - third Korea

China’s Yanbian: the ‘third Korea’

The autonomous prefecture of Yanbian is a slice of Korea in China...
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  • Century Riverside Hotel Hue

Advertorial: Century Riverside Hue Hotel

Oi Magazine experiences the Century Riverside Hue Hotel.
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Bizarre Thailand: the weirdest places you’ll find

Bizarre Thailand - the weirdest, scariest and most gruesome attractions you'll find....
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