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The Year in Travel

Lessons learned from travel stories in 2014

Travel never gets tiring. Or does it? Putting yourself literally “out there,” out of your comfort zone, and into the planes, trains, tuktuks and cyclos of the world is bound to lead to trouble. […]

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Oh, Grow Up!

Finding my inner child in Bangkok
On average, at age five we engage in creative tasks 98 times a day, laugh 113 times and ask 65 questions. By age 44, the numbers decline drastically to two creative tasks a day, 11 […]

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The Star Treatment

Does Vietnam have what it takes to compete in the luxury travel industry
Try it: show anyone overseas a photo of one of Vietnam’s unspoiled, gorgeous tropical beaches – taken at one of those wordlessly beautiful resorts on Phu Quoc, Con Dao, […]

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Survival Gear

Ethnotek’s mission to keep culture alive, one bag at a time

Trekking far off the beaten path amongst the solitude of the hills of Sapa, bag designer Jake Orak found himself in a different world, in more ways than one, far […]

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Phu Quoc in Instagram: Part 2, The North Shore

Most visitors to Phu Quoc (pronounced: Foo Kwok) generally stay in the town of Duong Dong, towards the middle of the 31 x 16 mile island, where the majority of hotels and restaurants are situated. Some may take a snorkeling […]

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The Mother City

A beginner’s guide to Cape Town, the city where two oceans meet at the very tip of Africa…

Cloaked in a cloth of white clouds as the early afternoon collects at the edges of a pleasant summer day, Table Mountain looks […]

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Paradise for Sale

Finding the Old Hawaii on the island of Lāna’i

Hawaii – the name alone is enough to conjure up visions of idyllic sandy beaches bordering crystalline waters just steps from world-class malls, resorts and restaurants. Most would-be travelers tend to think first […]

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Island Life

Nusa Lembongan, a small island between Bali and Nusa Penida in Badung Strait, is the perfect holiday hideaway with few visitors and pristine unspoilt beaches.

In all his wisdom, the Buddha once counseled, “It is better to travel well than to […]

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Treasure Map

Uncovering Hanoi’s hidden charms.

Hanoi’s landscape seems to sprawl endlessly into an inconceivable labyrinth of concrete roads, rivers, bridges, buildings and houses, and at its center is a mass of higgledy-piggledy streets and alleyways. The Old Quarter has been the heart […]

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The Other Side

Experience the lesser known and unspoiled side of Phu Quoc before it becomes a tourism boomtown

As the ancient bamboo bridge across the ravine began to creak under the weight of the scooter, I started to regret promising my riding companion […]

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