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The Price on Taste

The difference between cheap and expensive wine

There’s a popular belief that the more expensive something is the better it is, but is it really? Well, it depends, and it actually depends on many things.

Let’s start with the main point: you […]

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Land of the Long White Wine

In a cluttered wine landscape, where so many seem the same, the Kiwis do it differently

New Zealand is far away, in fact so far away from everything that it’s almost isolated from the nearest country by over 1,500km. Such isolation, together […]

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Value for Money

Let ’s imagine that you’re a football coach looking to discover a new top player, where would you start looking? You definitely wouldn’t go scouting at the top clubs because the players there are already well-known and would cost a […]

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Life in Pink

Rosé wines have gone from peripheral fancy to an essential element of a wine lover’s repertoire

Perhaps the thing that most surprised me regarding wine when I arrived to Vietnam was that hardly anyone was enjoying a glass of rosé. With the […]

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Made in America

From California to New York, an introduction to US wines

When it comes to choosing wine, the US often gets overlooked unless, of course, you’re American or live in the US. However, the US wine arena has quite a few delicious […]

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Tango & Wine

This month we’re heading to South America to one of the New World’s fastest growing exporter of wines

Argentina is one of those few countries that can produce amazing wines at fantastic prices but, because of poor export policies and […]

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Wine It Up

From Asti Spumante to Barolo, the wines of Piedmont are among Italy’s most prolific and best rated

In the far north-west of Italy lies Piedmont, one of the most famous wine producing areas not just in Italy but all over the […]

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Plenty to discover with Italian wines

Italy is paradise for wine lovers. Like France or Spain, virtually every single Italian region and province, including the islands, produces wine. The country also has over 400 autochtone grapes (rising to over 2,000 if […]

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Just Chile

Discovering wine from South America

Chile is the largest exporter of wine to the US; around two thirds of all Chilean wine produced is exported. Chile occupies most of South America’s Pacific Coast, with vineyards squeezed in between the ocean and […]

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A Tipple from Down Under

Australian wine and what’s trending for your drinking pleasure

Australia has a long tradition of making wine while at the same time being innovative with wine making techniques. In fact, wine was made in Australia as early as the 19th century. […]

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