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Review: Shiraz Wine & Coffee Shop

Shiraz is the name given to the dark-skinned Syrah grape, but now it’s also the name of the newest wine shop in Saigon

While it seems appropriate to call a wine shop Shiraz Wine & Coffee Shop (20 Mac Thi Buoi, […]

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Don’t Burst My Bubbles

Pop the cork, it’s time to celebrate with Champagne

Even those who don’t usually drink hardly ever say no when offered a glass of Champagne. Champagne has launched thousands of ships, toasted billions of weddings and special occasions; flutes attended countless […]

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Burgundy: A sommelier’s trip to France

This month I want to take you to France with Catherine Guo, a Japanese sommelier living in Vietnam who just spent a month there visiting some of the country’s most charismatic wineries. She spent three weeks in just Burgundy visiting […]

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New Zealand’s Rise in New World Winedom

THE RISE OF New Zealand wines in the last 30 years has been nothing short of meteoric. Thirty years ago New Zealand wines were hardly consumed outside the country but now they’ve become serious players in the international wine scene.

Although […]

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Taste the Rainbow

Get to know South African wine

Due to its strategic location, South Africa has recently become one of the pioneers in producing quality New World wines, with winemaking dating back to 1659 when Jan van Riebeek, founder of what is now […]

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Sniff and Swirl

Drinking wine can be one of the easiest things to do but at the same time one of the most complicated things to do right. How can I make the most of a glass of wine from the moment I […]

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Baron Philippe de Rothschild: behind the wine label

Chateau Mouton Rothschild has few peers in the length and luster of its history.

There are only five “first grows” (considered wines of exceptional quality) in Bordeaux, and one of them, perhaps the more charismatic winery, is Baron Philippe de Rothschild, […]

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Más Vino, Por Favor

The best of rioja in Vietnam

Wines from Rioja are internationally renowned as the best wines from Spain. This small region located in the North of Spain probably has the country’s longest history of producing wine, dating back over 2,000 years […]

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Home is Where the Wine Is

How to start a basic wine collection

As we edge towards the holidays, I’ve been pressed by more than a few private clients about what they should be stocking up on to imbibe during the festive season. This is an opportune time to stock up […]

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Finding the Perfect Partner

The right wine can enhance a dish to perfection

There’s a lot of apprehension when it comes to food and wine pairing. So I thought that this month we should chat about matching food with wine and, conversely, wine with food. On the most basic level, […]

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