Mandala Summer Meet up!

Join us Sunday, August 25th from 9:30am-2:00pm for fresh drinks & snacks, demo classes & talks, and to explore environmentally conscious and sustainable products made in HCMC! Get in touch with others in the wellness community and some of the local products and artisans! Proceeds from vendors’ fees will go to A.R.C. Vietnam (Animal Rescue & Care) … Read more

Curious About Cupping

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of healing that has been used for many different purposes more than 3,500 years According to an article on by Karen Reed, there are numerous scientifically proven benefits to cupping therapy, which includes helping the body recover from weaknesses due to illness or malnutrition, helping the body fight dermatological issues like boils, abscesses or herpes, thwarting liver diseases by … Read more

Think different: pranayama and sanskrit chanting with Diane

Think different. If yoga is an iceberg of stuff, then postures are just the tip. In this workshop, we will move a little, breathe in unfamiliar ways and chant manta in Sanskrit. Why? Because it gets deeper into the subtle body. Because the subtle body—the nervous system—needs a workout and a detox, too. The nervous … Read more

Dylan Bernstein returns with more Ashtanga fun!

Please feel most invited to join these workshops and welcome him “home” again. Dylan returns to Ho Chi Minh after having called this magical place his home in 2002, 2005 & 2006. Since leaving Saigon, he has taught on four continents and established busy Mysore programs in Hong Kong and Bali. This visit will mark … Read more

Mandala Community Class

Mandala Community class : Kid’s Yoga & Art (Month of April) Saturday, April 28th from 11am-12pm with Midah (Every last Saturday of each month) All levels welcome! Start your Saturday morning vibrant! Yoga & Art session provides children a relaxing, creative & enriching environment through yoga movements and art session! Your children will learn how … Read more

Gut Health with Dr. Nicole Hewitt

You’ve heard that “you are what you eat”, but the truth is rather that “you are what you absorb”. Join in the conversation as we discuss the basics of digestion, absorption and digestive health. Topics to be discussed include: common digestion disrupters, affects of proper & improper digestion on overall health (including mental health and … Read more

November Clothes Sale in Thao Dien – Empty your closet #2

This is the 2nd Empty your closet Sale! An opportunity to buy pre-loved clothes & accessories as good as new. A chance to give it a second life 🙂 There will be more than 25 ladies selling: lots of dresses, tops, skirts, shoes… from Zara, H&M, Asos, Topshop, Mango and much more brands.

Introduction to Self-Defense for girls & women with saigon om

“The greatest warrior wins without fighting.” – Sun Tzu’s “Art of War.” In other words, the best self-defense is avoidance and awareness. The threat of physical violence affects us all, whether it inhibits us from going where we want, when we want or standing up for ourselves in relationships, at school or in the workplace. … Read more

Natural remedies for children’s wellness with young living e.o

Essential oils, when used properly, can be an effective alternative to treat various health concerns for your family. In this workshop we will learn to make: Thieves spray 100ml Tummy support roller 5ml Owie balm 10gr Mosquito repellent 250ml Advance booking: Investment: 900,000VND 10% off for group of 4 people

Creating a chemical-free home with young living essential oils

Reducing the amount of chemicals used in the home has many benefits including having a healthier environment for your family and pets, and being environmentally conscious. Studies have shown that using less chemicals has benefits for your immune system and helps with chronic conditions. This 1.5 hour workshop will show you how simple making household … Read more