US Bound

Advice to help your child pick the right university after graduation There are over 4,000 universities and colleges in the US, so how does a high school senior pick the right one? At times it can be a daunting and overwhelming decision, and keep in mind that not every college or even the best college is the ‘right’ one for your child. … Read more

Seal of Approval

How school accreditation works Accreditation is a stamp of approval by an outside agency. Accredited schools go through the process as a means of quality assurance. These schools adhere to a set of educational standards which pertain to the curriculum, the finances, extra-curricular programs, and governance as seen through the eyes of all of the members of the school community whether they are the administration, … Read more

Follow the Money

Find out why international schools are so expensive I often hear parents comment on the high price tag of sending their children to international schools. Many times these parents are expats coming directly from their home countries where their children attended public schools for free. The concept of paying for schooling, except through taxes, is foreign to them. So naturally they ask where the … Read more