Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

A love letter to the “City of the World’s Desire” Dear Istanbul, I know we’ve only known each other for a few days, but in that short amount of time, I’ve really grown to love you. I love how I never know what to expect from you. Are you Asian or European? Or both, because you’re the only metropolis in … Read more

Time to Pack Your Bags

Ideas for your next holiday from the Travel Expo Going to a travel expo is my adult version of being a kid in a candy store. Travel expos are great for trip planning because you can access travel experts one-on-one to narrow down which destinations best fit your needs and then further pepper them with questions to craft a customized itinerary. They’re also … Read more

Thank You for Staying with Us

They’ll do almost anything to get you in bed The hotel business is an extremely competitive one, often with little separating one luxe property from another. Last year finally saw global occupancy rates bounce back to where they were before the recession, when 2009 was the worst year for hotels since the Great Depression. Currently, Asia-Pacific hotels are doing well, leading all … Read more

Into the High Altai

A journey into the wide open spaces of Mongolia The advice on the beer mat sounded familiar: “Time in Mongolia is an uncertain notion. Foresee some security gaps in your journey timing. Estimate distances in hours instead of kilometers.” Others had also warned us that Mongolia could be predictably unpredictable. As we waited and waited for our connecting internal flight with a … Read more

The Other Side

Experience the lesser known and unspoiled side of Phu Quoc before it becomes a tourism boomtown As the ancient bamboo bridge across the ravine began to creak under the weight of the scooter, I started to regret promising my riding companion “an adventure in Vietnam”. To be  honest, we probably should have turned around after … Read more

Travel More for Less

How to score free flights and maximize frequent flyer benefits… Travel has changed tremendously in the past few decades. Since 1987, world travel has tripled, with 1 billion trips a year being taken internationally, and a whopping 3.1 trillion air miles flown in 2012 alone. People are flying more and farther. In 1987, the farthest … Read more

The Nature of Laos

Before my first visit to Laos, I had heard it described as a ‘less developed’ Cambodia. I was soon educated on how woefully wrong that was… I’d never realy wanted to visit Laos. Despite avid travel in the region, Laos simply never made it onto my bucket list. It didn’t help that anytime Laos came … Read more