Africarare Unveils $UBUNTU Token, Ushering in a New Era for Africa’s Digital Economy

Africa Rises – Bringing People Together

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Jan. 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a groundbreaking move that redefines Africa’s digital frontier, Africarare proudly announces the launch of its pioneering $UBUNTU Token on February 29, 2024. This monumental event marks the birth of Africa’s first metaverse, symbolising a new era of digital empowerment and community upliftment. The $UBUNTU Token, at the heart of Africarare’s vision, is designed as a utility and a catalyst for positive change, unifying African and global brands, web3 enthusiasts, creators, and governmental bodies in a shared mission. This token encapsulates the spirit of ‘Ubuntu’ – the African philosophy of interconnectedness and mutual growth – by turning every transaction into a step towards a better future.

Ubuntuland, a vibrant community with over 200 individual and corporate landowners, including brands like Nedbank, Primedia, Singularity Group, HAQQ Network, Mann Made, and Cyberkongz, who have seen over 20,000 hours of user engagement, standing as a testament to this vision, boasting 90,000 registered users and significant social media communities. After its alpha launch at the SingularityU South Africa Online Summit in 2021, Ubuntuland has experienced continuous growth. Looking at the future, with the upcoming Africarare AI Builder, landowners can be the first to create their own AI avatars, using their own GPTs and deploy them to enhance their experiences.

Inspired by Ubuntu – Empowering Communities
Mic Mann, CEO of Africarare, emphasises the unique tokenomics model behind the $UBUNTU Token. Rooted in the African philosophy of Ubuntu, which translates to ‘I am because we are,’ the token embodies community empowerment and shared progress. Mann states, “$UBUNTU Token is more than a utility token; it’s a commitment to uplifting communities.”

The $UBUNTU Token goes beyond traditional applications, contributing to philanthropic initiatives with every transaction. Mann explains, “Every transaction with the $UBUNTU Token contributes to change, seeking to promote the welfare of communities. 10% of all transaction fees go directly to our charity treasury, with projects like Drops of Life and Innovation: Africa, providing clean drinking water, as well as educational endeavours at the Maharishi Institute, offering tertiary business education to African students, with future initiatives to be voted in by the Ubuntu DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization). At its core, the $UBUNTU Token is about unlocking the potential of a continent and building a future where everyone thrives.”

Unlocking Ubuntuland’s Potential with $UBUNTU Token
Far more than just a utility, the $UBUNTU Token is the lifeblood of Ubuntuland, integral to every aspect of this vibrant digital ecosystem. It facilitates traditional transactions like buying, selling, and trading and will play a crucial role in governance and operational aspects within the metaverse. Ubuntu token is set to propel Africa into web3 in the realms of entertainment, education, and art, the token enables participation in various interactive experiences.

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