Airmeet Enhances Testing Efficiency with LambdaTest for a Seamless User Experience

San Francisco , Nov. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LambdaTest, a leading cloud-based unified testing platform helped Airmeet, a leading virtual events platform known for hosting conferences, meetings, and webinars, streamline its testing process to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

Airmeet stands out in the virtual events space, providing a platform that prioritizes the attendee experience. From virtual summits and meetups to workshops, Airmeet caters to diverse virtual events, aligning its product and pricing with an attendee-centric approach. The platform offers unique networking experiences, and robust event customization and branding options.
Facing limitations with physical devices and seeking cost-effective solutions, Airmeet aimed to broaden its coverage across different manufacturers and models. The platform sought a testing platform that not only saved costs but also empowered businesses to engage with their audience, fostering growth in customer relationships and accelerating revenue.

Airmeet’s adoption of LambdaTest facilitated meticulous testing, ensuring a seamless user experience across various resolutions, browsers, operating systems, and devices. Utilizing LambdaTest’s device cloud, Airmeet conducted browser compatibility tests, guaranteeing smooth content access across different browsers. The platform also tested on multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, ensuring its functionality across diverse environments. Responsive testing on various resolutions and devices, coupled with LambdaTest’s user-friendly interface, allowed Airmeet to optimize its virtual events platform efficiently.

Srikant Karanam, QA Manager, Airmeet, highlighted the extensive capabilities of LambdaTest by stating, “LambdaTest serves as a robust testing solution, offering comprehensive support across various operating systems, versions, browsers, and devices. The platform’s versatility in accommodating diverse testing environments is a key asset. LambdaTest has proven instrumental in optimizing our testing processes, ensuring compatibility, and enhancing overall efficiency in our software development lifecycle.”

By harnessing LambdaTest’s device cloud, browser compatibility testing, operating system testing, responsive testing, and user-friendly UI, Airmeet successfully ensures the seamless operation of its platform. Users can now enjoy a superior virtual event experience, irrespective of the device, browser, or operating system they choose.

Asad Khan, CEO and Co-Founder at LambdaTest said, “We are pleased to see how Airmeet has seamlessly incorporated LambdaTest into their testing framework. Our cloud-based testing platform is designed to offer a comprehensive solution, empowering organizations like Airmeet to conduct meticulous testing across diverse devices, browsers, and operating systems.”

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