AngelHive Takes The Work Out Of Choosing An Early-Stage Startup Investment

Rotterdam, May 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AngelHive, an analysis and risk assessment platform for early-stage startups has just launched. Powered by Max Ventures, AngelHive focuses on industry insight and risk assessment, providing detailed reports on startups that have been filtered by an experienced in-house team of analysts.

Investment vehicle, Max Ventures Seed One, forms the foundation of the platform, having led some promising rounds and funded some rising stars of its own.

“As startup investors ourselves, we realised that the time-consuming element of any investment is the due diligence process. We decided to create a space offering curated deal flow where the painstaking due diligence has already been performed by a team of expert investors,” says Toni Grunwald, Managing Partner of AngelHive.

The AngelHive methodology consists of an in-depth analysis with more than 100 data points used to develop an informed report for each startup. The report consists of detailed information based on each category while utilising present-day AI capabilities. This strategy is designed to make the due diligence process more streamlined for both investors and startups, with an average reduction time of 80%.

AngelHive offers a unique selling proposition that differs from other VC reporting firms by combining seed one´s high yield fund management; a system associated with Max Ventures, combined with the Angel Hive´s platform. For startups, AngelHive provides an opportunity to be positioned in front of a network of active investors. AngelHive also hosts events, networking and workshop opportunities to create meaningful connections between investors and startups. 

AngelHive has positioned itself as a one-stop-shop for early-stage startup investment in Southern Europe. Its AI-powered platform streamlines the due diligence process for investors, fostering a more efficient investment landscape. By offering in-depth startup analysis alongside investors, support and networking opportunities, AngelHive aims to become the go-to platform for both startups seeking funding and investors looking for high-growth potential ventures.

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