BUSINESSNEXT Unveils GPTNEXT: Revolutionizing Customer Experiences with Generative AI

HANOI, Vietnam and JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BUSINESSNEXT, a universe of composable enterprise solutions for BFSI announces the launch of GPTNEXT, a generative AI platform built around the Large Language Models (LLMs). GPTNEXT can leverage GPT4 APIs with a proprietary Generative AI masking service to mask Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data overcoming the crucial data security concerns faced by BFSI. In addition, it also has a Private LLM offering fine-tuned for BFSI needs, leveraging Open Source LLMs like Meta’s Llama2 and many more. With ready and trained models for the banking, financial services, and Insurance industry (BFSI), GPTNEXT utilizes domain-specific Gen AI models to suggest effective actions at every stage of customer journey and interaction, empowering businesses to maximize every opportunity. GPTNEXT aligns with BUSINESSNEXT’s vision of autonomous financial services and marks a revolutionary leap towards how banks and insurance companies engage with their customers.

Key business use cases driven by GPTNEXT:

  • Frontline Sales Copilot
  • Synthetic Credit Data generation
  • Contact Centre Assistant
  • Customer Authentication, Fraud Prevention, AML Compliance & Reporting
  • Customer Interaction and sentiments Analysis
  • Semantic Knowledge Base Search
  • Automated email response generation with personalized communication and targeted messaging
  • Holistic Summary of every customer across heterogenous touch points
  • Personalized cross-sell offers/ Next best product recommendation.
  • Customer Churn Prevention via diagnostics and predictive analytics
  • Loan Processing, AI-Driven Information Extraction and streamlining workflows:
  • Customer behaviour insights, competitive analysis, and market predictions
  • Account Planning Recommendations & Personalized Account Prioritization
  • Mitigates LLM hallucinations and data toxicity through LLM Grounding
  • Boost efficiencies with its auto-prompt generation ability and dedicated bots for customer support

Speaking about GPTNEXT, Sushil Tyagi, Executive Director at BUSINESSNEXT, said, “GPTNEXT represents a significant step forward in leveraging generative AI for the BFSI sector. By combining the power of AI ready data and proprietary AI models, we aim to equip financial institutions with information quality, accuracy, action, process transparency, and speed to push forward intelligent customer interactions. With the added benefit of a unique data masking service, GPTNEXT enables financial institutions to offer an AI-enhanced value proposition, elevating customer trust through a strong focus on data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.”

GPTNEXT harnesses the capabilities of machine learning, deep learning, transformers, and natural language processing to deliver actionable insights, automate tasks, and provide large-scale personalized experiences. It leverages LLM grounding techniques to ensure contextualization and accuracy. This platform goes further by enabling intelligent insights through a comprehensive view of customer accounts and impactful call script generation, enhancing user productivity and efficiency. Additionally, each instance of account handling generates a repository of knowledge articles for future reference by financial institutions, contributing to an ongoing cycle of transformative customer experiences. The Forrester Wave™ Financial Services CRM, 2023 report recognised BUSINESSNEXT as a ‘Leader’ for its purpose fit CRMNEXT platform. BUSINESSNEXT was rated the highest for its strong Vision and Roadmap for financial services CRM.

BUSINESSNEXT is a universe of composable enterprise solutions with a focus on banks and financial services globally. Recognized as a Visionary by leading industry analysts, it leverages technology, innovation, and experience to relentlessly deliver incredible, unique, and human experiences, acing the volatile and complex business environment. BUSINESSNEXT platforms namely CRMNEXT, CUSTOMERNEXT & DATANEXT are AI and ML-driven cloud-agnostic platforms dedicated to enabling digital transformations. It comprises an enriched portfolio of hyper SaaS modular solutions that are responsive, can readily plug & play, and has superlative integration capabilities with the ecosystem. BUSINESSNEXT today powers 1 million+ users across 65,000 branches and call centers, managing 1 billion end customers worldwide. BUSINESSNEXT has its USA headquarter in Raleigh, North Carolina and its international headquarter in Noida, India. It has a footprint across 5 continents and direct offices in 14 countries across the U.S.A, MEA, and APAC. For more information, visit

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