Companies: Mermec advances railway diagnostic expansion in Australia

ROME, Nov. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mermec, the Italian company specialising in technologies for railway safety and maintenance, continues its expansion in Australia. The Group, a part of Angel, a holding company that develops solutions for the rail, digital mechatronics, and aerospace sectors, continues to pursue its investment and growth plan in Australia after having strengthened its presence on the continent. Mermec’s long-standing development project aspires to be a “catalyst for the employment of young Australian professionals” and “to spread the know-how and excellence of Italian innovation” through collaborations with major university hubs for high-tech research and development.

“Australia currently constitutes 18% of Mermec Group’s 2023 backlog for measurement technology, and we aim to achieve a future share between 20 and 25%,” stated Angelo Petrosillo, Vice President of Institutional Affairs at Mermec, who met with Australian institutions and key players in the local railway landscape in Sydney. “We have doubled the number of people working at Mermec Australia, all highly qualified engineers and technicians. Next year, we aim to further increase our workforce by another 30%,” highlighted Roberto Caporusso, Executive Director of Mermec Australia.

Mermec focused on continuous human and professional growth, as summarised by the Group’s CEO Luca Necchi Ghiri. “Our company, made up of over 2,000 professionals, including 1,400 highly specialised engineers,” he explained, “has accumulated unique technical expertise and industrial capabilities over the years, allowing it to design and develop advanced in-house solutions for digitalisation. These solutions have already been adopted by major railways in 73 countries, including Australia, where we have the honour of being a supplier for several railway infrastructure companies. We look to the future with determination, aiming to leverage the significant investment the Group has made here in Australia for the benefit of users, stakeholders, and our management.”

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