Euro 2024 and Paris Olympics Pose Unprecedented Data Privacy Risks Warns Law Firm Foot Anstey

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, June 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As Europe prepares for a summer of sporting excellence with Euro 2024 and the Paris 2024 Olympics, the technological advancements designed to bring fans closer to the action also represent an unprecedented risk to data privacy for sporting federations.

The Hosts and Federations Summit 2024 in Lausanne, Switzerland – organised by Major Events International (MEI) is described by senior sports regulatory lawyer, Tim Williamson (Legal Director, Foot Anstey LLP) as a, “Spectacular opportunity for organisers of significant and global sporting events, to come together and discuss where commercial opportunities can be maximised, while mitigating risk.”

At the summit, Annalisa Checchi, (Legal Director, Foot Anstey) discussed the delicate tightrope that organisers of global sports events must navigate in relation to fan engagement data. Checchi stated:

“One prime example of leveraging engagement data in the modern context is Formula 1, which has partnered with Amazon Web Services to transform the fan experience. By aggregating real-time race data, telemetry, and social media chatter, F1 delivers customised race visualisations, statistical insights, and interactive experiences, bringing viewers closer to the action than ever before.”

She continued, “Similarly, the NBA’s NBA ID loyalty programme incentivises fans to share their data in exchange for exclusive content, merchandise discounts, and unique experiences. This rich trove of information empowers the league to refine its marketing strategies, optimise sponsorship activations, and strengthen its global fanbase connection. However, the key lies in balancing data collection with fan privacy.”

Data management challenges are more complex than ever
System failures and inadequate training are the most common vulnerabilities for consumer-facing sporting federations in ensuring data privacy and security. However, Ms Checchi noted:

“The infrastructure required to process the large volumes of data generated in real-time is now vast. The Euros and Olympics present an unprecedented opportunity for cyber criminals, not to mention the potential misuse or accidental breach of athlete, employee, and spectator data.”

She emphasised the need for transparency, stating, “Rights holders must be transparent about their data practices, obtain explicit consent, and ensure the secure storage and responsible use of sensitive information. Failure to do so can result in severe reputational and brand damage, as well as significant legal consequences.”

As Euro 2024 and the Paris 2024 Olympics draw near, the sports world stands at a crossroads. Emerging federations will be watching to learn from the successes and failures of established veterans.

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