•  VistaJet families will be treated to festive fun and games on board their flights to celebrate this year’s moon festival, which is marked across Asia
  •  Unique mocktail recipes infused with sparkling tea and curated only for VistaJet will be served on flights in the region, to be paired with traditional mooncakes, a signature of the festival
  •  Customized VistaJet mooncakes will enhance the gastronomic experience courtesy of Shangri-La Singapore

Hong Kong/Singapore, 7 September 2023: A full moon symbolizes a full circle, representing reunion and togetherness in many cultures in Asia. As many across the region mark the harvest moon with traditional festivals, VistaJet is creating memorable moments as our clients admire the moon 45,000 feet up in the sky.  

Throughout September, VistaJet invites Members to discover its Full Moon on Board experience, curated by world-renowned event-planners Sharky and George. An extension of our Adventure in the Sky program designed especially for young travelers, Full Moon on Board will bring creative and engaging activities to families at high altitude.

VistaJet Members will be able to indulge their loved ones in culinary sensations on board their flight, prepared by award-winning chefs and restaurants. They can taste mooncakes custom-made for VistaJet with premium Chinese tea or pair their favorite mooncake flavors with sparkling tea mocktails using unique recipes created only for VistaJet.

“For VistaJet, being global means adapting our service to the culture of our guests. Savoring the Mid-Autumn festival in China with tea and mooncakes; sipping sake with Tsukimi dango admiring the full moon in Japan; flying families back to their hometowns to pay respects to their ancestors during Chuseok in Korea – we like this time of the year because it celebrates the ties with our families and loved ones,” says Matteo Atti, Chief Marketing Officer at VistaJet.

Full Moon on Board 

Our Global 7500 aircraft, the largest and longest-range business jet, offers ultimate comfort with four separate living spaces, including a permanent bedroom.  It is perfect for a family on a non-stop intercontinental long-haul trip. Clients with children flying on a Global 7500 from Asia will receive a complimentary Full Moon on Board hamper full of fun and surprises. 

Families can craft elegant paper lanterns that glow with warmth and mystery and decorate delicate mooncakes that pay homage to lunar legends. Delve into the rich history and folklore surrounding this celestial occasion and embrace the magic of storytelling. This captivating activity hamper is a gateway to cultural wonder, fostering connections and memories that will last a lifetime.  

A fully interactive workshop will also be available to turn VistaJet cabins into playrooms and party venues to unveil the extraordinary tale of the Jade Rabbit. Clients will be making bunny ears, meeting Rabbit and Fox and completing a series of challenges with multi-lingual nanny-trained cabin crew, including Chinese-speaking crew members. Once the mission is completed, a UV moon disco will be ready to celebrate and dance. 

“With a multi-lingual global team of over 4,000 employees from 60 countries, creating memories and special moments is what we do best, and our Members can relax and enjoy a perfect journey with their families and friends,” added Matteo Atti.

Gastronomic sensations

As salt and sugar adversely impact the human body in a pressurized air cabin and alter how food feels in the mouth, each meal in flight is prepared especially for fine dining at high altitude, taking into account the effects of elevation, lower humidity and increased noise and movement on one’s tastebuds and senses.

Departing from Singapore, while enjoying the Michelin-starred dining on board, VistaJet Members can taste the handcrafted mooncakes custom made for VistaJet by Shangri-La Singapore, filled with premium ingredients and less sugar. Revered Pu Er Tea is an alluring choice that harmonizes flawlessly with these delectable delicacies, emanating an enchanting blend of earthly notes and robust woody aromas.

The mooncake tasting experience will be completed with sparkling tea mocktails – Bellini Vista and Night Flight – made with unique recipes created only for VistaJet by Fortnum & Mason for this Mid-Autumn festival. 

With organic sources from the UK, Bellini Vista is a mocktail twist on the Bellini classic cocktail. It pairs well with the berry notes and dry edge of the Rose Sparkling tea. The citrus of the drink provides a balance with a Bergamot aroma that elevates the zing finishing of mooncakes. Night Flight’s ripe fruitiness provides a lovely, interesting pairing with the floral notes of the original sparkling tea plus the herbal, savory fragrance of fresh thyme and gentle spice of cold brew chai. It balances off the sharp and edgy notes with mellow and malty mooncakes. 

At Hong Kong’s 181 Fortnum & Mason Restaurant, located at the city’s iconic Victoria Harbour, VistaJet clients can also enjoy the festive mocktails complimentary of VistaJet when dining in the restaurant, and admire the stunning view of the Hong Kong skyline.

For this year’s moon festival, no matter whether it’s a short-haul flight within the region to visit families and friends, or flying loved ones to the other end of the world for an exotic holiday, clients can count on the Vista Members’ fleet of over 360 aircraft to take them anywhere anytime.


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