Global Telecom Testing Expands Global Footprint to 200 Countries With The Recent Addition Of Myanmar

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, Fla., Oct. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Telecom Testing, LLC (GTT), a renowned global telecommunications testing company headquartered in Lighthouse Point, Florida, has reached a significant milestone in its journey. With the recent addition of Myanmar, GTT has expanded its global presence to an impressive 200 countries, solidifying its position as The World’s Largest Privately Owned Global Footprint in the telecom testing industry.

GTT’s distinctive approach to telecom testing differentiates it from its competitors. The company employs over 800 local testers stationed in 200 countries, enabling them to meticulously evaluate and simulate the local user experience. This approach empowers GTT’s clients to establish robust local presences and ensures the reliability of their testing environments.

Currently, GTT provides an array of essential services in 200 countries, including:

SMS Testing: 
GTT covers every Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and supports all handset types in every country. Local staff conducts SMS testing, responds to SMS messages, and provides customers with screenshots of all SMS interactions to confirm character integrity.

Toll-Free Number Testing
GTT offers outbound local testing of toll-free numbers, including ITFS, TFN, UIFN, and more. Local staff uses local landline and mobile phones and sends completed Call Detail Records (CDRs) to customers.

SIM Purchasing & Shipping: 
Local staff purchases, registers, activates, and ships local SIM cards to customers. This service is available for every MNO in every country.

Telecom Equipment Hosting / Co-Location
GTT provides local hosting services for various telecom equipment, including mobile handsets, gateways, SIMRACKS, mini laptops, testing apps, and SIM cards. All equipment is connected to 24×7 Wi-Fi and power.

Local Addresses: 
Customers receive local utility bills that match photo IDs, enabling them to obtain local Direct Inward Dialing (DiD) phone numbers.

In the Wild Testing:
Local testing minimizes risk by ensuring that offerings work effectively before going to market.

GTT’s global reach empowers businesses to seamlessly operate across the globe, establishing it as the world’s most trusted telecom testing company. With local, experienced telecom testers, GTT offers customers access to the resources needed to boost customer retention and revenues. Choosing GTT as their telecom testing partner means customers gain a universal understanding of their in-country user experience and can make informed, actionable decisions, yielding measurable return on investment (ROI).

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