** Repro Free** 04/04/2024 Paul Corcoran, of Toners Pub pictured at the launch of the Virtual Pub Museums; an innovative campaign which aims to safeguard historical Irish pubs, advocating for their transformation into museums. Heineken has partnered with three distinguished Irish pubs to pioneer the Virtual Pub Museum experience. Patrons can now embark on a digital journey through time, exploring the rich history and stories told within these beloved establishments. By scanning a QR code on historical artefacts within the pubs, visitors can unlock a trove of historical facts and stories. Beginning with Toners Pub in Dublin on 5th April, followed by the oldest pub in the world; Sean’s Bar in Athlone on 11th April and Mother Macs in Limerick on 18th April. Heineken is exploring how these pubs can apply for official Museum accreditation via The Heritage Council in a bid to have them formally recognised as museums. This would offer more opportunities and resources for Irish pubs. Picture Andres Poveda

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