INVT.AI Brings AI Consulting On-Chain

ISTANBUL, Türkiye, Oct. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Invt.AI, a pioneering AI business assistant platform for businesses and startups, is set to launch a sale of its utility token (ticker: INA) in the upcoming days. The use cases for Ethereum- and Arbitrum-based INA include—but are not limited to—granting access to the platform’s premium features at a discounted price, offering incentives and rewards to data providers and AI engine trainers for providing verified data sources, and introducing staking, yield farming, and DAO initiatives.

One of the company’s core strengths is its Invt.AI Bot and Agent. Available for Telegram and Discord and trainable on the latest or customized data, it is programmed with state-of-the-art AI algorithms, enabling both startups seeking funding and established firms looking to expand to understand user queries, provide real-time market updates, and offer personalized recommendations.

“By leveraging Data Analytics and Machine Learning, Invt.AI’s automatic marketing tools identify customer preferences, segment target markets, and deliver tailored marketing messages,” said Mustafa Syed, the CEO of Invt.AI. “Our goal is to empower businesses to maximize their marketing efforts and achieve higher conversion rates.”

The Invt.AI Token
The Invt.AI’s INA Token serves as the utility for Invt.AI subscriptions and represents the epitome of AI decentralization on the Invt.AI blockchain. INA tokens will serve as a payment utility during the initial stages, providing seamless access to the platform’s premium features and incentivizing active participation within the Invt.AI ecosystem. Additionally, INA tokens will embody governance power, allowing token holders to actively participate in key decision-making processes, shaping the future trajectory of the platform. With the seamless integration of INA tokens, Invt.AI aims to foster a vibrant and engaged community, driving the next wave of innovation in the AI space, backed by the secure and efficient InvtAI blockchain node.

At the time of writing, the whitelisting procedure is already open, allowing early adopters to reserve their spot and enjoy a 40-percent discount. It is also a prerequisite to enrolling in the referral program, which will let participants receive a 6.9% bonus coming from their referees’ contributions.
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About Invt.AI
With its expertise in AI technologies, strategic guidance, and innovative tools, Invt.AI assists businesses in implementing Artificial Intelligence—from strategy development to deployment and ongoing support—and empowers them to optimize operations, ignite growth, and stay ahead.

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